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  1. Great "little" guitar. I have a h-147, it's a beautiful toy.
  2. Thank you Gianluca, I've been looking for information everywhere and a friend (who often travels in the usa) showed me the same link... it's very dangerous to declare a little value, we are not talking about cheap instruments and an insurance is necessary. The best solution is to invite anybody who's selling a nice guitar to visit me in Rome bringing the guitar with him ?
  3. Grazie Gianluca! ? And now it's time to look for a nice old h-150, a special color would be really perfect to me... A question: if I buy a used guitar on the market of this forum I have to pay taxes to have guitar in Rome or just shopping costs?
  4. ...and now a short presentation of my second Heritage. About 1 year ago I was just looking for a damned cts pot for a custom wiring to put inside a LP Custom Studio (ash made)... when I get into the shop I couldn't believe my eyes: an h-147 was on the stand just in front of me! Wow... the owner of the shop just took the guitar and put it on my legs for a quick test... the h-147 was equipped with aftermarket pu (a PF Voodoo 59 at the neck and a Gibbons Classic 57 plus paf at the brigde) but I was simply shocked by this experience. The body of the h-147 is slimmer than a standard
  5. I knew this guitar where I was 14... in the far 1994. A friend of mine bought this guitar and was always in trouble with its khaler bridge ? I've studied heritage's story and I was really impressed. Where on 2015 I found this guitar for sale at 480€ I bought it without any doubt. I had a Les Paul Standard at the time and there was no comparison with the h-160v. My h-160v is note perfect, has no solid case, has an aftermarket hb (a very noce sounding SD Jeff Beck) but anyway it's an incredibile sounding instrument.
  6. Thank you so much, I'm proud of these guitars. I'm really lucky, I've got some Gibbons Usa and Custom Shop (8 Les Paul) but the feeling with Heritage is different... you fell you're playing something alive under your hands... maybe only the Gibbons CS is close to this felling
  7. Hi! Finally i did it! I'm Nico from Rome, lucky owner of 2 incredibile Heritage guitars: A beautiful h-147 (1988) A very rare h-160 v (1987 superstar style) Always in search of a special guitar for my collection! Nice to meet u and thank you for all the knowledge you gave me in these years about heritage guitars
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