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  1. I love this guitar! Enough fat tone and really friendly to play!
  2. Hi everybody, I've been planning for a long time to change the Schaller roller bridge of my loved h-147 CM but i never did... I was scared from the compatibility of the studs and, in some way, i didn't want ti change the original look. But every time I used to change the strings the rolling bridge mooved and I have to work a lot to find again my setting... so I finally decided to put a classic Gold Nashville bridge with its stoptail. The fitting is really easy, 5 minutes, you just have to chande the studs... The improvement in the look of the guitar but also in playbility i
  3. Hi everybody, after some research as you can see I found that about only 20 h-160v were made by Heritage... is it possible?
  4. If I'm not wrong h-160v and Stat are different models, both have a "strato" shape but they are different. From my research it seems that only 20 h-160v were made... so I had 10% of the world production of this model 😅
  5. The "white" seems to be older from the serial number (E 16504, the cream is E 24101). Both nice guitars and 3 Heritage in my collection!
  6. E serial both, same age of production. The "cream one" is always on a stand and is often played, the "white one" I guess has passed most of its life in a closet
  7. Finally...i did it! I found my 2nd H-160v! As you can see is quite different from the one I already had (on the left): the body is clear while the other is almost cream, and even the fretboard is darker. The other one has a hb SD Jeff Beck, this one is totally original! I just wanted to show you my new toy... 😁
  8. Thank you Gianluca, I've been looking for information everywhere and a friend (who often travels in the usa) showed me the same link... it's very dangerous to declare a little value, we are not talking about cheap instruments and an insurance is necessary. The best solution is to invite anybody who's selling a nice guitar to visit me in Rome bringing the guitar with him ?
  9. Awesome guitar, I sound be happy to find one like yours. Both Heritage I own have checking on the finish, but they are instruments from 1987-1988
  10. Grazie Gianluca! ? And now it's time to look for a nice old h-150, a special color would be really perfect to me... A question: if I buy a used guitar on the market of this forum I have to pay taxes to have guitar in Rome or just shopping costs?
  11. ...and now a short presentation of my second Heritage. About 1 year ago I was just looking for a damned cts pot for a custom wiring to put inside a LP Custom Studio (ash made)... when I get into the shop I couldn't believe my eyes: an h-147 was on the stand just in front of me! Wow... the owner of the shop just took the guitar and put it on my legs for a quick test... the h-147 was equipped with aftermarket pu (a PF Voodoo 59 at the neck and a Gibbons Classic 57 plus paf at the brigde) but I was simply shocked by this experience. The body of the h-147 is slimmer than a standard
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