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  1. Hi everybody, after some research as you can see I found that about only 20 h-160v were made by Heritage... is it possible?
  2. If I'm not wrong h-160v and Stat are different models, both have a "strato" shape but they are different. From my research it seems that only 20 h-160v were made... so I had 10% of the world production of this model 😅
  3. The "white" seems to be older from the serial number (E 16504, the cream is E 24101). Both nice guitars and 3 Heritage in my collection!
  4. E serial both, same age of production. The "cream one" is always on a stand and is often played, the "white one" I guess has passed most of its life in a closet
  5. Finally...i did it! I found my 2nd H-160v! As you can see is quite different from the one I already had (on the left): the body is clear while the other is almost cream, and even the fretboard is darker. The other one has a hb SD Jeff Beck, this one is totally original! I just wanted to show you my new toy... 😁
  6. Amazing h-150! Well done!
  7. ...removed the orange drop. Honestly I can't feel the variable phase control action rotating the pot...
  8. Finally the solution! Thank you so much! I knew the specs of the guitar but I was shure that the phase control was just the last Chrome 2 positions switch. I've never noticed that the spec's sheet was talking about a "variable" phase control: so the chrome switch is just the coil tap. Today I will remove the capacitor! Really thanks!!!!
  9. I love this h-160v. Without amp it sounds very resonant like an acoustic! Scale is a 25.5 (not the classic 24.75) but the playability is incredibile. I love the lacquer finish, and how it's changing color from a white to a ivory/yellow
  10. Hi everybody, finally I decided to put a capacitor onboard. My choice is an Orange Drop 0,022. Honestly I have to say that I don't feel big changes neither in the sound itself nor in the way the tone's pot works... I'll try it better (usually to feel better the impact on the sound I fit the capacitor after an "on-off" switch to change quickly the setting of the wiring but this time I didn't). Anyway I love how the wiring cavity now seems to be fullfilled!
  11. There are many ways of changing the voice of your guitar. Before changing the awesome Sd 59's I suggest you to try to work first of all ob the wiring by changing only the volume pot of this pu (500/550k will open the sound but for example I found the sound I was looking for on a 82'S SG with 250k CTS pots... you gave to try!), then changing "type" of wiring (a 50's wiring makes the tone pot working in a different way), but don't forget to consider the capacitors (an orange drop or russian oil paper can make a big difference). After this, if you don't find what are you looking for, ok... you have to change the humbucker!
  12. An Italian friend, owner of another h-160v, sent me this image of his wiring. I can't see capacitors inside the guitar
  13. Hi everybody, I have a doubt on my heritage wiring. Where I found this guitar there was a SD Jeff Beck humbucker at bridge position. In these days I'm at home due to covid-19 lockdown and today I looked at the wiring and I saw there isn't a capacitor inside the guitar... very strange! Can anybody help me to find the original wiring of this guitar? The guitar sounds good and the tone control works properly but I'm thinking about fitting a Sprague Orange Drop capacitor onboard... Thank you for your help
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