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  1. That’s gotta be a great feeling, good on you! Heck ya, was listening to their rendition of TLEO earlier today, they have an original take on the Dead tunes. I like how they manipulate some of the riffs and make it their own, pretty neat. Also, that custom Vox Virage that Chris plays is out of this world cool. And of course Neal’s Scott walker, sheesh!
  2. Lol, just gotta convert the wife and kids to deadheads. May the four winds blow you safely home. And that’s no filter, just some sunlight coming through. If yer into the Dead you gotta check out Chris Robinson Brotherhood. I’ve known about them for years, but never bothered cause I always heard Chris was an arrogant prick. Just now getting into them and I’m really impressed, Neal Casal was a master guitar player, gone way too soon. It’s GD meets black Crowes with a healthy dose of Allmans. Just a perfect sound and ridiculously tight band.
  3. And what’s behind the golden door you ask?
  4. That sounds killer! Ya, mine is all blue expect for the cream binding and front of headstock. Looks pretty neat on the back actually over the mahogany, but it’s subtle.
  5. Lol, never gets old, gotta love the Coen brothers. Heck ya that’d be a cool match. The door on the left especially caught my eye not too long ago and I snapped a pretty cool photo, will have to find it.
  6. They really do lol (no rug to speak of), not only do they look great but I’m a firm believer now in kluson deluxe, really stable. I thought I saw another blue 150 as someone’s avatar...
  7. I had the chance to restring and adjust the action and man, I couldn’t be happier with this thing! Stays in tune perfectly through several songs, I’m really impressed. The Gibbons traditional I had roughly 10 years ago was like a toy compared to this, and I’m not a Gibbons hater by any means. But that guitar literally never stayed in tune to save its life. Needless to say I didn’t hang on to that one for very long. This one on the other hand, is a keeper.
  8. I totally agree with you. That stand is old as shit, probably my first stand like 20 years ago lol, definitely plan on getting a few good ones with the foam padding. Thank you for caring! Gotta protect the H.
  9. Thanks FZ, and thank you all for the warm welcome 🙏
  10. Thanks! I meant to embed the photo album, not sure how to do that.
  11. So today I picked up from fedex my new to me Heritage H-150 in Trans-Blue! Forum member “myoldfriend” was kind enough to offer up some very fine 150s for sale, and this is the one that struck me most. Gorgeous flame, I love the way it changes color depending on natural daylight or nighttime. The last 3 photos are from mof. https://imgur.com/gallery/nCqAKoC
  12. Huge deadhead here, nice jammin’ over deal. That’s a good one for some tasty arpeggios and lead tones. Been playing eyes of the world a lot myself. That’s a sick Grosh too, would love to play more of their guitars.
  13. Beautiful 140, and cool that it’s a bday guitar! 1988 is my birth year, always wanted to get a guitar from then.
  14. Hey all, my name is Anthony. I currently have ZERO Heritage guitars and I would like for that to change. I am however no stranger to these beautiful instruments. I used to live in Ann Arbor, MI for several years where I would frequent Herb David’s guitar shop downtown, and they always had a respectable amount of Heritage guitars on hand. I specifically remember a beautiful burst H-150 that I played, and also a very comfortable 535 they had in their little private room. Since then I haven’t really encountered many Heritage guitars. I did play a super eagle in New York that I didn’t like at all, and I love my hollow bodies and archtops. Was almost too acoustic and trebly sounding for me. And a few years ago I did play a crazy nice Roy Clark model they had at my local guitar center that I almost bought. The only thing that held me back was the super thin neck. I like thin necks too, but this one was a tad too thin and my thumb cramped up after a while. Anyway, absolutely love these guitars and the price for a handcrafted instrument made of premium materials and feel is unbeatable. There’s an H—170 I have my eye on, although a bit pricey maybe. What’s a fair price for an older model that’s in good shape? It’s not a custom. I’m also looking at H-150s, which was my initial intention until the 170 caught my eye. Thanks for bearing through this long introduction! P.S. I like the new look of the forum. I used to browse every now and then and it seemed pretty dead at one point.
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