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  1. Thanks guys!! The more I’ve been playing it, the more I’m loving it! It’s got pretty amazing tone and sustain acoustically, so I don’t think I’m going to mess with the bridge. I didn’t realize the Schaller bridge had adjustable string spacing, which is really cool. Thanks for that note ;) I think I will swap the pups eventually. Will def put a Lollar imperial in the bridge as thats my fav. Need to research a neck replacement. have never tried a Seth or bare knuckle...
  2. Hello all, I just acquired a 1995 H550 and it's freaking awesome!! I have a Gibbons L5 ces and Super 400 ces and wanted a 25 1/2 laminate workhorse. Like some folks, I'm not too excited about the Schaller roller bridge and pickups Can anyone provide insights on the tonal impacts of converting to an ABR bridge? I was thinking of going ABR with Nylon saddles, as i have em on my L5 and love the combo. Im thinking of putting in some Gibbons 57's or Lollar Imperials. -Would this be a big improvement from the stock Schallers? I know this is all subjective, but th
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