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  1. Yes truly amazing!! How about a a duet on 4 strings? https://youtu.be/gXtbvrz7XlA Just poking around the web. I see many pics of Roy Clark with various models, he must have been a real fan of the Heritage line. Very cool...
  2. Thanks for the vid TalismanRich ...that takes care of Roy and a Heritage , now how about Jerry?
  3. Killer !! Reminds me of Roy Clark or Jerry Reid. It would be nice to find a clip with either of those players with a Heritage in their hands! Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas.
  4. Always liked the vibe Tuck and Patti had goin' on.......
  5. thanks JeffB...sorry to derail your post!
  6. Yup, pretty basic...butt joint , glued and brad nailed. The cleats are then glued and screwed into the top/ sides /bottom from inside and act as bracing as well as fastening surfaces for the baffle and rear cover plates. Once the tolex adhesive has cured, I like to spray about a dozen thin coats of orange shellac to seal the fabric.
  7. Both actually....Once you start adjusting you will notice the correlation between height and pickup angle and as DetroitBlues suggested...height is to taste. A good starting point that works for me is to depress the string(s) at the last/ highest fret, adjust pickup height as high as possible without the strings physically touching the pickups and then lower to suit you tonal taste. Some like the bridge pickup higher/hotter , I prefer a good output balance between the neck and bridge but again it's all about what sounds best to you. Cheers...
  8. I like using western red cedar...also very light, more stable than pine,very little cupping or warping or bleeding knots and the bonus....it smells great!
  9. Yeah, that's alot of stoptail bolt in the air with zero clearance at the back of the bridge.??
  10. The 2 per side was designed to allow for a bit of tilt to align the pups parallel to the strings. I found one per side in opposite holes works better.
  11. Big thumbs up for the Buscarino line....stunning! https://buscarino.com/
  12. brentrocks Is that a big ding on the upper bout? If so how did you get the top back in shape? Nice clean breaks, you scored there!
  13. If the guitar is grounded properly then the #1 culprit for low frequency hum is E.M.Interference / close proximity to amplifier transformers / digital devices and the orientation of the pickups in relation to these sources,(the star wars lightsaber effect) . If the buzz is at a higher freq. than 60 cycles and is steady state (where orientation of the guitar does nothing to change the amplitude of the hum )then the probable cause is dirty A.C. potentially caused by s.c.r. dimmers and other devices that are on the same A.C. line or the device is in very close proximity to the guitar. A
  14. It's been along time since I've had p90's ( in a early 60's LP junior with a bunch of pedals). I don't recall the hum being a real issue, I guess some are more prone to interference than others? If you're hesitant about replacing the p 90's , I have a fix that works quite well for all single coil pups and should eliminate the most of the hum . I've been doing this for years for recording direct and when in close proximity to computers/ work stations. It would be prudent to cover the bobbin wire first if it doesn't already have a protective wrap. The pickup is w
  15. more core...https://www.facebook.com/HeritageGuitarInc/photos/a.763445793721515/4025942490805146
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