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  1. It's been along time since I've had p90's ( in a early 60's LP junior with a bunch of pedals). I don't recall the hum being a real issue, I guess some are more prone to interference than others? If you're hesitant about replacing the p 90's , I have a fix that works quite well for all single coil pups and should eliminate the most of the hum . I've been doing this for years for recording direct and when in close proximity to computers/ work stations. It would be prudent to cover the bobbin wire first if it doesn't already have a protective wrap. The pickup is w
  2. more core...https://www.facebook.com/HeritageGuitarInc/photos/a.763445793721515/4025942490805146
  3. Unless the wiring has been disturbed , I have found the most common problem is oxidization of the jack. Roll up a bit of fine sandpaper, insert it into the output jack on the guitar and give it a few spins, as couple of passes of the sandpaper on the patch cable jacks isn't a bad idea either.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/9283773169/permalink/10157766973098170/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/9283773169/permalink/10157766350018170
  5. I can still remember plugging into my first fuzz .That was the first and last one I ever owned.
  6. Wow....Mother Nature at her finest there, stunning! Enjoy.
  7. Before I pull the p.c. board out of the case I'll noodle around with the CS 2 comparing (on /off) levels, attack and compression. Once I find the sweet spots I disconnect the pots from the board, measure their values and replace those values with fixed resistors. You may notice a couple of 1/2 watt resistors at the top of the board that look out of place. I try to go for a level slightly above unity gain for a bit of boost, a fast attack to retain the bite( not too squishy) and a compression that gives me a sustain that doubles the hang time. The guitar's output volume p
  8. For now, a couple of my business cards are insulating the board from the pots below. In the shot above, I have a regular 9v tucked over on the left. I am waiting for some blank pick guard. When it arrives, I'll be cutting a new cover plate and saving the original. I will be drilling a hole in the home made plate for a coaxial connector for the re-chargable batt. that will be installed. thanks for askin' DetroitBlues
  9. Speaking of goldtops... Just finished dropping a Boss CS2 compressor into another guitar, my newly acquired '94 140 GT, that has a nice ring to it .....GT. I used the factory mute switch for the true bypass function, very fortuitous. Some gut shots of the factory wiring VIP circuit as well. Cheers!
  10. I'm surprised the overdraw did not take out the fuse, like they are designed to do (or should be).
  11. Perfect for playing Lead Zepplin tunes.... ka-ching.
  12. Then your 2 similar guitars acquisition can easily be justified, but maybe not a good idea..... ha ..ha!
  13. How many purses does she have? Are any two similar?
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