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  1. Does anyone have any idea who Kevin Whittmore is and why he's infamous? This is under the finish in the bridge pickup cavity of my 2019 H-150.
  2. The Z Wreck Jr and Heritage H-150 getting a little air on a beautiful day! What a great combo!
  3. My H-150 had a Gibson style poker chip on it when I bought it. I wanted to remove it, but the person who installed it scratched the top when they did the job. The poker chip covers the damage (and looks good, anyway), so it'll stay on the guitar. The poker chip fit fine, but the nut of the switch is not the kind that extends into the hole for the switch so the hole in the poker chip is a tiny bit oversized, but you can't tell once it's installed.
  4. In that case... These days, I get the most use out of my Dr. Z Cure. It has awesome edge of dirt tone- like a Vox, but with 6V6s. It has a pre-phase inverter master as well as a post-phase inverter master (Level) and sounds great from quiet to loud. It has a footswitchable, adjustable tone stack bypass. It comes close to covering what my beloved tweed Deluxe 5E3 clone does, but with more versatility and at quieter and louder volumes. When I really want to hear how a guitar sounds, I use the Mojotone Princeton Reverb clone that I built several years ago. It's just an awesome amp. My best sounding amp is a 1966 Vibrolux Reverb that I've owned since 1990. It's in awesome shape, but seldom leaves the house these days- it's just too loud! The Dr. Z Cure and Mesa Fillmore 25 get the job done. I bought a used Mesa Mark Five:25 1x10 combo last week to replace one that I traded a guitar for last year. It's not my main style, but is great for when I "need" that Boogie sound that the Fillmore 25 doesn't cover. It only weighs 24 pounds so it's nice to drag it out of my "studio" and use it all over the house. I still haven't picked a favorite and could go on babbling like this for quite a while (I just mentioned 6 amps!)!
  5. I'm crazy about amps- I like them even more than I like guitars and have a bunch of them! I can't pick a favorite!
  6. Hi! I'm glad to finally participate on this forum. I joined in September 2020 shortly after buying my H-535 and rediscovered the place after buying an H-150 on Saturday.
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