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  1. Thank you Skydog.. according to Heritage this is one of the original basses they made.. It was the prototype design for the ones they made later on and they never made many basses, compared to guitars.. It is an amazing instrument..
  2. Hi.. I'm Tommy and brand new here.. I just came into possession of a 1987 Heritage HB2.. As a professional bassist for over 50 years I've owned dozens of basses including some very high end customs and this bass is hands down the sweetest playing bass I've ever layed my hands on.. It plays like butter.. It has immediately become my main bass, over my Washburn 6 string which has been totally rebuilt and plays like a dream and my 1964 fretless P bass which I bought new in 1964 and had its teeth pulled in 1972.. I always thought it was the sweetest bass ever until I played the Heritage.. This bas
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