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  1. Yes, and I'm very happy with the B7 on my 530, particularly after I switched out the spring for the softer spring that Reverend guitars sells. +1 on the Vibramate string spoiler. I also had a B6 with a Towner downbar on my 535, which I subsequently sold. I have to say the 535 with the added weight was too heavy for me.
  2. I actually just picked up a black "original" Tone Master Twin this afternoon. For my purposes, the light weight and power scalability make this a very desirable amp. I've just played a half hour at the 1 watt and 5 watt settings (the two lowest on the TM Twin) with the volume at 5, with my 535 and my Tele, and I'm very optimistic that this will be the last amp I buy (OK I've said that before). As always, YMMV.
  3. I'm planning a visit this Saturday to a music shop to try out all 4 Tone Masters (there are now two versions of the Deluxe and two of the Twin).
  4. thanks -- pics tomorrow I'll be opening up the case after dinner
  5. Thanks -- I'm just a bit frustrated with UPS today it looks I'll have to wait until tomorrow :(
  6. Hello, my name is Rob, and if UPS comes through than later today I will be the owner of a new H-530 which I have bought from CME at a great price. I'll post the details of the guitar under a NGD thread. This will be my first Heritage. My other guitars currently are a Tele, a Jazzmaster, and a Martin HJ-38 Stefan Grossman. I play the electrics through a Victoria Ivy League and the usual pedals. I'm an enthusiastic hobbyist. This summer, as a positive result of working at home during the Covid lockdown, I've started jamming with some other old (late 50s to early 80s, and I'm 61) guys weekly in one of my neighbor's front yard. For the past 10 or so years I've also been playing rhythm guitar in contra dance pickup bands in Philly and Princeton, NJ. A couple of years ago I took some lessons from an instructor who had a 535; other than that all I know about Heritage is what I've read on the Internet. I've been to the Martin factory twice -- perhaps someday I'll have a chance to go to Kalamazoo. Best to all.
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