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  1. Very nice! Awesome guitars all around. Just waiting for Brent to post a certain CC up for sale lol.
  2. Whoa Brent you got another CC? Nice! Still have "mine"?
  3. By the way Brent, awesome write up and pics. I had a feeling you'd appreciate this guitar.
  4. Too bad @GitfiddlerI already called dibs lol
  5. A Standard H-150 will feel most comparable to a Les Paul Traditional
  6. I love the 225's. I'm a huge fan of the Seth Lovers, and I like the 225s better. Same tonal character as Seth's, but they just have a bit more open and clearer sound. Try em. You'll like em.
  7. Thanks. The Standard line are fantastic guitars too!
  8. I took some more pics. Still with my cell phone. From different angles to try and capture the movement of the figuring.
  9. Haven't gotten around to taking photos of it. But here is a shop photo of my guitar in the meantime:
  10. What's the story with the 1/4"?
  11. Awesome! I'd love to pick up an artisan aged custom core version to go with my dirty lemon, but that might be a while. I like the color palette on that!
  12. No problem! I'm a huge fan of the Seths. The 225s imo are a step above the Seths.
  13. I will have to set up some kind of recording setup and I can get some sound samples.
  14. The 225 pickups sound great. Very clear and articulate, and a very open sound to them. Their tone is mellow yet retains the bite and attack that is a great vintage PAF (not all vintage PAFs were created equal). I know these are potted pickups, but they have that nice openness of unpotted pickups. I really like playing this clean through a Fender amp. Add some dirt and it becomes that snarling beast of a guitar we all know and love. Without the mud. Even on neck position. No muddiness whatsoever. Just nice clear tone with great note definition.
  15. That sounds great! Could listen to this music all day.
  16. Yeah looking forward to hearing more about yours too! I have enjoyed reading about it so far. It got me super pumped to receive mine lol. Thank you!
  17. Thanks! Sorry haven't gotten around to take more pictures of it...every time I've had it out I have just been playing it haha. So I'll tell more about it: It feels like a premium instrument. It feels how a Custom Shop guitar should feel. I've played many other Custom Shop models from other manufacturers that honestly didn't feel any better than their standard production lines. Heritage got it right with this one. Yes Heritage has a great Standard line, but I can feel the step above in their Custom Core models.
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