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  1. Hi Connor, Until recently, I too had no idea about all of the major changes that have been going on at Heritage over the last 5 or 6 years. Here's more or less what I've gathered. In 2015, The founding owners of Heritage Guitar sold the company to the real estate developer who actually owned the entire 225 Parsons St complex, that company then turn around and sold half of Heritage to a multi-faceted organization based out of Singapore that also owns a bunch of other musicly based companies including Rolling Stone magazine, Bandlab programs and many more. Since then there's
  2. Golly gee, it now costs $45 to take the Heritage tour?
  3. Thanks for the input on my previous post! I'd totally understand the allure of Heritage making their own pickups in house if they were being made with the same machines that were used to make the original PAF's....but that's now Throbak's thing. What kind of pickups did the person on FB put into their guitar? It'd sure be funny if they swapped in Throbaks only to find out later that Throbak is indeed the ghost builder! 😂
  4. Ah yes.....the required spirit of the HOC. Now I remember why this place has lost so many folks over the years.
  5. LOL, Bravo! This particular H-140 is a really cool guitar though, I think it'd look really sharp without that branded neck pick up and the autograph. How could one go about removing that stuff with out damaging it's surfaces? Despite my worries that Mr. Nugent will likely turn around and donate some of the proceeds of this auction to the leader of the blow hard draft dodgers club, I'm seriously considering taking a run at buying this H-140, it's just too darn cool, and rarer than hens teeth as my research seems to indicate.
  6. Personally, I'd find these Custom Core H-150's to be just about about perfect if they were outfitted with Thobaks instead these unproven "225 Humbuckers" Who's the top dog over there now anyway? I thought Peter Farmer was handling the custom work but it seems like this custom core model is more of an Edwin Wilson contribution.
  7. As an investor, the location of this particular proposal would make a lot more sense if Gibbons was actually involved. Makes me wonder of the rumors about Gibbons wanting to buy up the Heritage/Harmony brand are somewhat true. Have you folks heard anything about Gibbons buying Heritage?
  8. Actually, Forget what I said above. Here's one to consider. It's closer in size to a full Hollow Prospect but having one of those made at 25.5" thru the Heritage Custom shop would probably cost about 4k. If you ever wanted to sell it, it'd probably get 2k, mint. That alone makes the Eastwood look like a bit of a deal too me. https://reverb.com/item/37616669-eastwood-classic-6-ta-ph-tobacco-burst https://reverb.com/item/37816678-eastwood-classic-6-ta-ph-languedoc-anastasio-style-hollowbody-natural
  9. It's not a 25" scale, it's 24.75 but I'd be willing to bet it'll take round wounds and play what ever your fingers can make it play. https://reverb.com/item/38458035-heritage-standard-h-530-hollowbody-electric-guitar-with-case-original-sunburst-2019 A full hollow Prospect is another model to consider if you don't want a jazz box. Good luck!
  10. Here's the semi-official burst registry for anyone who might be interested in seeing quite a few of them. http://www.burstserial.com/ SB
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