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  1. Yeah, it does feel and sound good. Price was roughly $1700US, which is cheaper than I have seen them go for used here in Australia (normally around $1900US used here)
  2. Yeah I bought it in-store, but don't think the store was deliberately hiding anything as it is hard to see in most lighting conditions, certainly didn't notice it when testing it out. Have asked them if they can at least have a look to make sure, as it's still in the 12-month warranty but general consensus here and from another forum is it doesn't look structural so I'm happy to keep enjoying it
  3. Just purchased this 2018 Heritage H-535 on a clearance sale, and didn't notice it in store lighting but after getting it home and playing it I noticed this crack: https://imgur.com/a/3OcUqUEThese guitars have a Nitro finish which I've read this can happen to, and it's nearly 3 years old. Does this look like something to be concerned about, or just enjoy and let the laquer-cracking commence?
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