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  1. I just unpacked my new H-575, my first-ever Heritage and my first-ever archtop.
  2. Thanks, guys. I'm so jazzed about my new guitar (pun intended). I've installed a gazillion strap buttons before but somehow this new territory had me feeling sheepish. It's good to hear that I can move forward as usual. I'll probably pin the second button to the heel of the neck. The solid construction of the 575's top is really nice. I have a laminate Collings I-35 (their version of ES335), which is a smashing, lovely guitar. But the tone out of the 575 is very different--maybe due more to the fully hollow build rather than the material. But in any case, the new 575 sounds great, and very different from the Collings, which is what I was hoping for. I'm intending for this guitar to be mainly for traditional jazz playing.
  3. I'm excited because I just received my first ever Heritage guitar via UPS today. It's a lovely 575--also my first ever proper archtop. I noticed that the guitar has a rear strap button installed (where the tailpiece meets the back of the guitar), but no front strap button. I suppose they intend for me to use a strap that ties to the neck? I'd rather add a strap button so I can use a normal two-point strap. Two questions: Is this a bad idea for some magic archtop reason I don't know about? If not, any thoughts on where I should drill to place the strap button? For obvious reasons I'm not thrilled by the prospect of drilling into this lovely machine. Thanks. Sim
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