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  1. The one he was showing me was the the single bar where tje strings wrap around and the go straight to the saddles. B3 or B6 model. It looks like the B3 is for thin lines.
  2. Yeah, I would definitely use it if I actually added one, of course.
  3. While I was at my tech's shop, he had a brand new Bigsby he offered to put on my new H530. I am not sure how much I would use, especially since I deck all of my strats and use them like hard tails, but I think the Bigsby on a hollow or semi hollow is a great look. Has anyone on here done it?
  4. It ended up needing some pretty significant raising, but not it is all good and sounds right now. Where the Lollars were left them lacking their full frequency response. They sounded a little anemic in the midrange, but now they are as they should be. Of course, the nut slots needed a little work also. The D and G needed a slight fanning out rather than being completely completely straight. The D was sticking and going sharp. It always amazes me when I buy a guitar that is a few years old, and the nut slot issues arse not resolved. Did the prior owner not play it, or did they just incessantly tune it and get frustrated that it was constantly going out of tune. It is a quick an easy fix for any decent tech.
  5. I am normally a supporter of pickguards to complete the look. I really wish my H137 had a guard, but the Jay Wolfe one I got was too funky for me. I can't stand Les Pauls without pickguards, no matter how nice the top, but I have to admit that I like many H-530's without guards. I just got a blonde flamey H530 today, and I don't want to put a guard on it.
  6. Well, I ordered a beautiful, used blonde H530 from CME today. I can't wait for it to arrive. The pics they sent look like it may not need shim after all - definitely not the bridge pickup.
  7. I am considering a blonde H530 with curly maple top very seriously right now, but I am not sure if the pickups are high enough. I can't see it in person, but the salesman did send me some photos. A good friend of mine recently bought one and had to get the shims from Lollar because the pickups were too far away from the strings. I also read something similar here from another owner. Is this standard practice with these, and, if so, why doesn't Heritage just install them at the factory rather than sell a $3k guitar with the pickups so far from the strings? Any feedback is appreciated. I am very close to pulling the trigger on this one before it sells to someone else.
  8. I love my '07 H137 w/Pigtail bridge! I was just playing it today.
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