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  1. Thank You everyone who replied to my question. Very helpful tips/comments from some clever people here. First time i've posted on a forum and very happy with the respone you guys gave me. So I had a day off today and had my wife's permission (very important! haha) to go guitar shopping. I found one store near me that had 1 150 standard in stock but in a colour i didn't like so much (heritage burst). I played this guitar, tuned a half step down (I prefer to play in this tuning) for about 20 minutes. Even with older strings on it, the guitar did not go out of tune once, it stayed in tune the whole time and played fantastic. I had to get used to the body shape/neck. I understand now, why people say hertige standard guitars are custom shop quality guitars, they are just amazing. So I ordered one in Tobacco Burst, but i'll have to wait a couple of months for it since the people at the factory build about 5 guitars per day, the sales guy told me. I am beyond excited to recieve my guitar haha. Just one thing, I don't want to sound like an asshole, or insult the brand but I did play 2 gibson standards 2021 and they both seem to have tuning issues and other issues (finish wasn't great on the 50's goldtop). So i'm really glad I found Heritage guitars. Again thanks for the help and tips, much apreciated. Best Wishes from Belgium.
  2. Thank you for the reply! And we do make some pretty good beers haha. And you guys have great food, went to America 2 years ago. You are indeed correct, I did some research and the heritage headstock has a more straight string pull, compared to the gibson. That makes me like the heritage headstock alot more. Thanks again, i'll be ordering one soon!
  3. Hello everybody! I am new here and have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I am very,very interested in buying a heritage standard 150 in dirty lemon. I own 2 more "modern" guitars (Mayones, jackson) and this heritage would be my first vintage inspired guitar with a 3 by 3 headstock. I am in love with the looks of the heritage but I hear/read from a lot of people that these type of headstocks have a lot of tuning issues becaude of the angle and the way the strings go to the tuning pegs. Is this all just a fable or is there any truth to this? And have any of you experienced tuning issues with your heritage guitars? I'm sorry for the maybe stupid question but no dealer near me (i live in belgium) stocks heritage guitars so I can't try one out in real life. Thank you in advance and pardon my terrible English.
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