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  1. Remarkable instrument!!!! How does it compare to an original D'Angelico?
  2. I love my 1995 16 but it feels heavier than other arch tops. The weight is around 6’12” which is a bit more than an es 175, and a Johnny smith. It feels as though the extra weight is in the neck. Is this a function of the large bound headstock and the bound inlaid fret board? Maybe the 5 piece maple/hog/maple neck? Maybe I’m wrong that the weighty feel is in the neck maybe it’s in the body?
  3. So I must admit being a bit disappointed. The acoustic tone of the 16 is a bit thin and lackluster. Sort of flat and dull. I play the archtops acoustically when practicing. I also have a 2005 hand carved Comins' that is a wonder to play. Maybe not a fair comparison but it is what I have. But then I plugged the 16 in and wow what a totally different instrument; mellow but totally present, clear as a bell and resonant. Tons of sustain and shimmer. All I hoped for. I immediately started to adjust the amp to try and get the Comin's to sound like the 16. I haven't found the proper settings yet! Wonderful instrument the 16. And man o' man is it easy on the eyes!!!!! I'm still curious about the weight. Compared to the Comins' it is significantly heavier especially in the neck. Bottom line however the tone plugged in is fantastic, it sounds better than the Comin's. Now I wonder how the 575 stacks up?
  4. Here are pix of the new Sweet 16.
  5. It has all the acoustic tone that I was expecting from a carved long scale cross braced spruce guitar. The neck is extremely comfortable. I love 11/16 necks and the profile is perfect for the hand not too chunky not too slim just right. It is a 96 so has very nice aged patina and is so nice to look at. The fit and finish are collingsesque. It does have a heavy neck feel that surprised me a bit. Overall the guitar feels on the light side except for the neck. Finally owning a heritage feels good. I love the story and history of the company and the instrument exudes the obvious love that is built in. Very happy being in the club.I will post a few pix later today.
  6. Picked up the Sweet 16 last night. It is named properly. It is Sweet for sure.
  7. Guys thanks so much. I expect to be an owner of a 1996 sweet 16 tomorrow. I’m really excited.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone knows the specifics of the construction of the carved guitars (particularly the Sweet 16 specifically 1996). Were the bodies hand carved or did they use machines to do the work or a combination? Was there a specific area of the factory where carved guitars were produced/manufactured/assembled? Were there particular craftspeople assigned to the carved guitars? Does anyone have any pictures of the carved guitar process? I located one and will be picking it up on Thursday hopefully.
  9. Great guitar! Looks like a Sweet 16 in disguise!
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I was trying to figure out how to bring a new Sweet 16 home on the plane. My solution is that I found another within driving distance so I don't need to fly. I'm going to pick it up in a few days. Thanks again.
  11. My understanding is that airlines are required by federal law to allow small musical instruments such as guitars to be carried on board. And this particular airline, frontier, does allow then to be carried on if they fit in the overhead. If not they get gate checked which could be a nightmare. I agree that a lot depends on the particular airplane. Problem is that I won’t know if it fits until I’m on board and then the die is cast so to speak. I think In the final analysis it is probably better to ship it.
  12. Does anyone know if a sweet 16 fits in an overhead compartment on a commercial plane?
  13. TR, Thanks for this. It answers lots of questions. Do you know if the plan is for Heritage to remain a "boutique" brand or to try and become a major player like Fender/Gibson etc? My impression is that Bandlab is signed on for sales and marketing and they might have visions of the big time. In any event it still amazes me that a used fully carved archtop Heritage can be had for under $5,000!
  14. I'm new here. I'm looking for a used Sweet 16 or H575. Also I have searched the internet as best I can but find nothing about the current status or recent history of the company. Most articles go back several years to the time when "several old employees were let go..." Can someone point me to a reliable discussion (maybe an old post on this forum?) of where the company is currently and how it got there? Also if you have a used sweet 16 or 575 that you are interested in selling give me a shout.
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