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  1. I was looking at some TonePros on StewMac, is there a specific model I need to use or do they all fit well? Specifically I was looking at these.
  2. I'm completely fine with them, at least for now. I'd like to tinker with some different ones once I replace some of the hardware. But for now the sound I get out of them with my Delta Blues 115 has me happier than a tornado in a trailer park...my wife would say otherwise.
  3. Not a downer at all. I agree I think they're the newer line (which I thought were Zebra but later learned that's the term for the black and white bobbins...). All of the PU stuff is really new to me, I've been an acoustic guy my whole gee-tarring career.
  4. I just can't wrap my head around spending that much for vintage PUs, but I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there who would have no qualms. I did look closely at mine after doing a little research. If mine do happen to be the real deal vintage Zebras then they are ultra rare b/c of the adjustable poles being on the white bobbins, and they're in great shape. I'm assuming these are recreations, I don't think I can find out unless removing them which I'm not going to attempt yet. This site was a good resource to read up on the PAFs
  5. Daaaammmmnnnn! I thought I was building up when I had 6 acoustics and 3 electrics ... I'd need and entire room for storage!
  6. Those gorgeous! Idk if I like the black or the white pickguard better...those soapbar PUs look nice tho. What model are they and how do they sound?
  7. This is my first encounter with both the bridge and tailpiece and after 2 sets of strings I'm not a fan. The tailpiece makes it hard to get any gauge above a 46 in for the low E. I prefer a heavy bottom right now and squeezing in a 52 required some lube. I'm pretty sure the pickups are the 61 Gibson Zebras rather than being from 1961, tho I'd love to be wrong.
  8. It's the 61 Zebra's unless I'm mistaken.. I don't think they're from 1961 (but that would be a sweet upgrade)! I would edit the initial post the clarify but for whatever reason I'm not able to. Thanks for the welcome folks!
  9. New Heritage owner here that lucked upon an older H140 and I couldn't be happier with it. A '91 Gold Top that shares a birthday with one of my daughters! She's got scars from her past but the sound she makes is buttery goodness.
  10. What's up all, I'm new to the Heritage owners club and couldn't be more pumped up about this guitar I've come to love! Quick background on me: I've been an acoustic snob for the last decade and just in the last year started dabbling in electric (what in the hell took me so long to get around to electric...idk). Since the time I got my feet wet I've completely plunged in the deep end and now eat, sleep, and breath electric. I've got tunnel vision for the Blues right now. After going through 5 electric guitars in less than 12 months I stumbled into a local shop that had this gorgeous gold top (my favorite look) hanging behind the counter made by Heritage...who I had never heard of before. I had been bouncing between Epi, Fender, and Gibson and wasn't able to settle on any of them. So not knowing Heritage I figured I'd plug it in to a Delta Blues 115 and see how the neck felt. Until this guitar I hadn't played a neck sweeter than a 2010 Clapton Strat, and that thing was buttery-smooth (the radius I wasn't a fan of, however). As soon as I put my hands on this H140 it immediately felt at home, like an old friend. The sound perked me up even more, it was a perfect mix of subtle warmth and twang coming from the '61 Gibson Humbuckers the previous owner had installed. The cherry on top was the price. I new within the first few minutes the guitar was going home with me (and the Delta Blues came home as well) though I sat and played for an hour. She's got some wear and tear from the previous owner gigging with it (and prob the one before) but nothing that is alarming. I'd like to swap out the bridge and tailpiece, if anyone has recommendations I'm all ears. I also need to change the output jack and I think the pickup selector switch needs to be swapped out as well. If there's any recommendations or vids on this I'd appreciate it. The last cool little bit that cemented this guitar being mine until I turn to ash is it shares my 2nd daughters birthday! I imagine I'll pass it along to her one day. Here's my new favorite guitar: 1991 H-140 Gold Top
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