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  1. Agree with the above post, sounds like someone had something done to rewire the controls.. on my 535 it’s two volume and two tones and they are specific to each pickup, as are the volume knobs
  2. Board is still in progress, the next step is either A ) carving out on this plank or getting some wood and just piecing it together myself. My biggest thing was getting a brick. And I got an awesome brick, again thank you so much Josh… I realized I didn’t have enough patch cables to connect all my pedals together. I need to buy more to hear what I really want to hear, but at the same time, only being able to connect 4 or 5 together has been a bit eye opening in terms of what I really want on the board. anyway! Trying to upload an ambient thing I did but can’t do it with the iphone, the file is more than 1.5… but here’s a snap shot, and I think it sounds cool if you are into ambient-ish stuff! Voc wah, mxr carbon copy, belle epoch, big sky strymon, ditto looper. If there’s a better way to upload videos let me know! and once again, Josh, thank you. All the best to you and the family
  3. Dude, very nice! And you have the mxr phaser and carbon copy! I swear, I love the mxr carbon copy. It’s just such a good, simple yet versatile pedal. Definitely a top 3 pedal
  4. That’s pretty! What’s unique about the factory specials? Also too what kind of humbuckers are those? beautiful guitar and love that flame! Gotta put that in the flame thread!
  5. Super cool!! Nice axe!!! Congrats!
  6. Nice! I dig it man thanks for sharing! The MXR phaser is a very reliable/cheap option if you ever want a phaser. Super simple to use and sounds good. Your board looks really good and very close to what I’m going for. haven’t had a chance to work on it this weekend but this week I plan on getting some stuff done. Out of curiosity how big is that board dimension wise?
  7. That is flipping beautiful. So damn cool!!! Nice axe! everything in this thread is gorgeous but man, that’s a cool badass axe!
  8. I love that picture, and I want to create something like that with what I have. That is a great picture and I’m definitely going to take that picture mock up into consideration as far as where to carve into what I’ve got and have space for cables, a brick or multiple bricks underneath, etc. also regarding the 18V issue, so I only have a couple pedals that are 18V, and if I get a connector to a brick that can supply 18V, or have a plug in thing where it takes two 9V and powers an 18V, I’m good with that if that makes sense. It may be limiting at the moment, but, down the road it’ll just be tweaks and upgrades once I get the main thing down. thank you! Awesome stuff, I’m getting closer and I’ll post some pictures soon! also too, while I posted this thread as a question and looking for help, which I’ve gotten tons of help and advice.. I would love to see some other pedal boards! So please feel free to show off what you got! Would love to see what pedals everyone uses, what you like, what you don’t, set ups, etc… so this can totally become a pedal board show off thread too! and for those who just plug direct into the amp… I have interest in that too, and maybe that’s another topic, or I just gotta dig deeper in the forum. But would be very interested to see the method and what is being played by just you guys and gals plugging right into your amp with no pedals. I have a great appreciation for both methods.
  9. Cool! I have to check out that boss octave pedal. I used to have a boss harmonist pedal many years ago, sold it or traded it for who knows what. Curious to how the OC5 and harmonist compare! The harmonist was a fun pedal. I think I traded it to pay for some guitar, which I also eventually sold.. thank you for that recommendation though I’m gonna check it out!
  10. I’ve seen this before, it is cool. I would be interested in doing a side by side comparison especially with the reverb, echo and delay. I like that it has a built in wah. i just have so many pedals that have built up over the years, and I like them all for very specific reasons, yet also use them for specific reasons or have bought them because I wanted a certain effect on a song.. back in my splurging days! im making progress on this… hopefully will have some cool pictures soon! side note - the Catalinbread Tape Echo pedal is one of my favorites, along with the mxr delay. Just very solid pedals that do what they do very well.
  11. Hey, thank you for the input and advice! And do you mind if I PM you about the mxr block?
  12. Thanks! Yeah, it’s kind of funny to me that I’m doing this now when I’m basically using either a delay or reverb and sometimes both most of the time and nothing else. But I’ve acquired a few throughout the years and there’s a part of me that just wants to hear what it sounds like when everything I want is turned on, without taking 20 minutes to plug in everything. I’ll definitely post a picture of the end result!
  13. Hello all, I am just looking for input/suggestions about how to move forward with this new project I want to work on. I’ve never had a pedal board before, and over the years I’ve been actually using less and less pedals. My favorites are reverb and delay, and if money was no factor I’d probably own a heck of a lot more than I do now! But I also have my favorites (in the picture) and those are usually the only pedals I use for day to day playing and recording. anyway, for years I usually just plugged each pedal into a power strip individually, but I’m sick of all the wires and tangles and also using multiple power strips when I want to use more than 4 at a time. I found this old shelf in my parents basement and it’s a good size for what I want. Not sure the type of wood but it is somewhat heavy, a few lbs and approximately 2-3 ft long. I want to say it may be oak. Was thinking of putting some door stops on the bottom to prop it up at an angle and also carving/dremeling some slots to put the cables through. Money is a bit tight and I’d rather just buy a power supply than both the power supply and a “professional”pedal board from a company and save a couple hundred bucks. My questions are: 1) is this a good idea? Or is this stupid? And please believe it is ok to tell me it’s a stupid idea!! 2) what power supply do you recommend? I’m looking at the voodoolab pedal power 2 or 3 plus but am very open to suggestions 3) should I carve out a couple slits so I can put the power cables in underneath and keep wires from being on top of the board? 4) there’s a few pedals not in this picture I will most likely use - an mxr phaser, an EHX synth 9, mxr flanger 18V maybe… a blues driver or another 9V OD/fuzz pedal. Maybe leave a spot for something else but in all likelihood any other pedals would just be swapped out. I’ve never done anything like this before and just looking for some guidance and suggestions. I have some basic experience with wood carving and own a dremel, that’s about all I got as far as woodworking goes! This isn’t going to be happening quickly, but over the next couple months. Sorry for the long post and I appreciate taking the time to read! Here’s a picture of what I got so far: Thank you again and all the best to everyone here!
  14. Well I doubt that I’d be sorry to hear you play, never a competition, it’s art! I do believe everybody has their unique voice and sound. Very cool picture and that guitar looks beautiful! i’ll have to date mine but I wanna say it’s like early/mid 2010s era
  15. Beautiful guitar and especially beautiful playing! I dig it dude thanks for sharing!!
  16. Nice! Looks very similar except yours has that cool color matching pickguard! is that an album cover? Would love to hear your stuff!
  17. Cool pedal man! I have been low key looking for a new fuzz pedal even though I don’t use them a ton. I have a full tone 69 fuzz which I like but is a bit of a pain because it’s that germanium thing where you can’t just plug in an adapter, so I use a 9V battery but sometimes I forget to unplug it and the battery dies. anyway thanks for sharing I’m gonna check this one out!
  18. Thank you! When I lived in kalamazoo I was fortunate enough to have Pete Moreno set it up… that was 5 years ago and I haven’t had to do anything to it since. Mind you I don’t play out and if I did I wouldn’t take that guitar.. but, it gets played! Pete is a cool dude, and I hope he’s doing well!
  19. Thank you! Haha and yes she’s a keeper (wife and guitar). And if I play my cards right I can probably talk her into letting me by a 575 or Eagle or something in the future… I definitely want a jazz guitar. Although the 535, like I said, most versatile guitar I’ve played. Rock, surf rock, blues, jazz, whatever… just gotta dial in the tone. Playing it through a fender 68 deluxe reverb at the moment. I want to experiment with smaller watt amps. Although the 68 reverb was an improvement from the fender Deville I sold, that thing was just insanely loud saw this video recently when checking out the pedal… don’t have to watch the whole thing but this was so true about the volume on a Deville, as I’m sure many of you know! https://youtu.be/hWm4BKMlaws
  20. Hello everyone, I’ve been reading and unregistered for awhile, but here I am. Love all the knowledge, wisdom, history and everything else this wonderful place has to offer. Here is my only Heritage for now. I was a strat player for a very long time, always changing/selling/experimenting with different guitars but mostly in the Fender or fender style world. For a wedding gift my wife bought me this beauty and it has been my go to guitar for everything. It is the most versatile guitar I have ever owned. One day I want a H575 or eagle classic, a sweet jazz guitar… but until that day comes all I ever record with is the 535. It’s the perfect guitar. I’m very excited to delve into all the threads of music theory and explore all the other awesome topics here. Thank you for creating this forum!
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