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  1. That is flipping beautiful. So damn cool!!! Nice axe! everything in this thread is gorgeous but man, that’s a cool badass axe!
  2. Well I doubt that I’d be sorry to hear you play, never a competition, it’s art! I do believe everybody has their unique voice and sound. Very cool picture and that guitar looks beautiful! i’ll have to date mine but I wanna say it’s like early/mid 2010s era
  3. Nice! Looks very similar except yours has that cool color matching pickguard! is that an album cover? Would love to hear your stuff!
  4. Thank you! When I lived in kalamazoo I was fortunate enough to have Pete Moreno set it up… that was 5 years ago and I haven’t had to do anything to it since. Mind you I don’t play out and if I did I wouldn’t take that guitar.. but, it gets played! Pete is a cool dude, and I hope he’s doing well!
  5. Thank you! Haha and yes she’s a keeper (wife and guitar). And if I play my cards right I can probably talk her into letting me by a 575 or Eagle or something in the future… I definitely want a jazz guitar. Although the 535, like I said, most versatile guitar I’ve played. Rock, surf rock, blues, jazz, whatever… just gotta dial in the tone. Playing it through a fender 68 deluxe reverb at the moment. I want to experiment with smaller watt amps. Although the 68 reverb was an improvement from the fender Deville I sold, that thing was just insanely loud saw this video recently when checking out the pedal… don’t have to watch the whole thing but this was so true about the volume on a Deville, as I’m sure many of you know! https://youtu.be/hWm4BKMlaws
  6. Hello everyone, I’ve been reading and unregistered for awhile, but here I am. Love all the knowledge, wisdom, history and everything else this wonderful place has to offer. Here is my only Heritage for now. I was a strat player for a very long time, always changing/selling/experimenting with different guitars but mostly in the Fender or fender style world. For a wedding gift my wife bought me this beauty and it has been my go to guitar for everything. It is the most versatile guitar I have ever owned. One day I want a H575 or eagle classic, a sweet jazz guitar… but until that day comes all I ever record with is the 535. It’s the perfect guitar. I’m very excited to delve into all the threads of music theory and explore all the other awesome topics here. Thank you for creating this forum!
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