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  1. My H 157 is just under 10lbs, it sounds great !!! It’s worth the weight .
  2. I just bought my first H157. It’s everything a LP Custom should be !! It’s a 2016 and in excellent condition !l
  3. Yes new to me and artisan aged . It’s a 2021 so a year old with no fret wear or other marks other than the factory aging. #3
  4. No I found it online as used. I wasn’t looking for a factory special,I just wanted the aged look. I did find another brand new for 3k and looks identical to mine. Since it’s aged already I bought the used one for a lot less.
  5. That is a serious score. Even without the story that goes with it. Enjoy your new guitar, Congrats!!!
  6. I tried to find out also, it’s a H150 long neck tenon with antiquity Duncan’s , that’s artisan aged . Which to get from now on has to be a Custom Core. It’s heavier than my Custom Core and has a thicker tone. Both are awesome
  7. Flame top Friday , even on Tuesday !!
  8. I haven’t pulled them to check but the factory specials should have Duncan zebra antiquity’s. I have several G brand guitars and this guitar is Custom Shop worthy all day.
  9. 2021 Artisan Aged H150 factory Special used but like new !!! Incredible guitar.
  10. The Custom Cores specs are closer to a vintage Les Pauls. They also have the long neck tenon which the H150 s do not. I like the lower weight , at 8 1/2 pounds is just right for me . The neck is full without being to fat. Either way there both great guitars and are worth buying.
  11. I’m having a bridge pickup wound for my CC. It was microphonic and sounded weak compared to the neck which sounds great. I’m going with a Benson Customs alnico 5 wound to 8.5 . I have a set of his alnico 3 in another guitar and they are killer. This Custom Core plays great and can use a pickup with a few more turns on the bobbins.
  12. Wow really nice work , there lucky guys !!!
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