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    H-535, arch tops, unusual pickup combos/brands/types. Jazz, blues, R&B. Like finger style as well as pick.

    Like tinkering/upgrading cheaper guitars

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  1. The magnetic field was out of phase, the screw coil was north up on the Schaller while the screw coil was south up on the Gibson. It may have also been electrically OOP but I think it was the magnets this time. I did figure out the mounting prob though, before screwing down on the pickup ring, slide it front and back to make sure the pickup edge falls into the cutout, mine was getting hung on the front wood edge. Thanks Jeff
  2. So I went down the rabbit hole today. Big time. I figured let me put the schaller back in the bridge slot and see what happens. Still had a problem with the fitment but it was livable, except the Schaller and the neck 57 were out of phase magnetically. So instead of re-installing the bridge 57, I swapped back in the neck Schaller so now it's stock. But the sound was very thin. I did not like the Schallers. So back in go the 57s. Bit there's still the problem with the bridge fitment, only worse and there's plenty of depth to work with. So I don't get it. I think it needs a thinner pickup up ring. to be continued..... But I ike the sound way better now.
  3. They sound good that's for sure. They have longer legs than the Schallers though and bottom out in the pickup cavity so the bridge pickup is not level. I'll need to route out some wood in thereI guess. It looks like the pickup installer took a drill to it but put didn't take out enough wood. Neither one "floats" on the spring but the bridge for sure is not flat.
  4. I guess the most improvement is when you change out an obviously junk pickup (epiphone "wax bucker" etc.) to a decent one like a 59 or a Seth which I have experience in doing. And it depends upon what you're looking for. I play mostly clean stuff so I'm looking for warmth with definition.
  5. Thanks. I agree. I went and took a look at the specs etc of a few duncans in the same ballpark and there's not enough difference. There's other ways to finely tweak your tone than a complete swap.
  6. So I just got my first Heritage after all these years. A 2001 H-535. A previous owner pulled the Schallers and wiring harness and installed a Gibson 57 Classic neck and Classic Plus bridge with a new harness. Both pickups read 8.0. They have the original labelling intact so I know its a plus. The Schallers read 7.64 and 8.21 Should I bother to go back to the original pickups to see if I like them or am I already in a better place? I've had other guitars with SD 59s and Seths and really like the sound of those pickups a lot. Thanks for your opinions! Jeff
  7. Hi everyone. My real name is Jeff and I'm bad at coming up with screen names I usually put Jeff in there somewhere. Anyway, I just got my first Heritage in a trade this week (2001 H-535). I'm almost 67, been a pro(student-full time- part-time) since age 19. More of a Jazz R&B guitar and "rock" style instrumental. (Not a songwriter) LOL. My best guitar I own besides the 535 is a 1979 Ibanez george Benson GB20. Have several project guitars and acoustics and 2 Godin synth access acoustics too. My 535 came with a Gibson 57 Classic neck and 57 Classic Plus bridge. Both read exactly 8.0K I also have the Schallers and original wiring harness. Not sure which is better for that guitar. I'll prob post a question about that in a separate post.
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