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  1. The owner sent me a video playing open strings and then the 12th fret octave. The intonation was very close… but the bottom 3 saddles we’re all the way up with no adjustment travel left.
  2. Thanks! That's actually the one I was referencing in my initial post. It was actually a 2018 based in the "AI" serial #. I had to pass on that one because in order to have the intonation close, the low E, A and D saddles had to be slammed all the way to the front. I like to have a little travel in both directions on all saddles once excellent intonation is achieved!
  3. Hi friends! I'm brand new to this forum, but not brand new to Heritage guitars. I bought a 535 brand new from Jay Wolfe back in the 90s, but there was something off with the geometry of the fretboard and I could never seem to get it to play in tune. I ended up selling that one in about a month after a few local luthiers could not get the intonation issue addressed. Fast forward 30 years... I'm now a luthier and have a vibrant repair shop, and am a custom builder. I've been looking for a 335-style guitar, and am contemplating purchasing a gorgeous Artisan Aged 2018 H-535 in Trans Cherry. Here's where I could use some advice from those with way more knowledge on Heritage than I. I understand that there was a lot of turmoil brewing at Heritage in 2018 with a recent change of ownership, firings of legendary builders, retooling for CNC and pleck, etc. Is there any reason to be cautious about purchasing a guitar from 2018 due to all these issues at the time? Thanks!
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