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  1. Pups are Schaller and say High-Tech. I like them. Low output which I appreciate with the 5 watt supro delta king when we’re going for sultry smooth. Soul food and the amp will take it far enough for my tastes. Absolutely loving this guitar!! Thanks again for all the info/tips and compliments everyone!! Still contemplating the right strap for this guy - comfort, secure joins, and style Any recs?
  2. Is there a chance my pickups are the HRW vs vanilla Schaller? I stayed up way too late reading as much as I could find about these guitars. Cool story, incredible man. Loving everything about it, no matter. Thanks again everyone!!
  3. Thanks, y’all!! I am in total agreement now about the pickguard - it will stay! I don’t plan on doing anything to it except maybe Grover locking machines - presently the Grover’s have a little more play than I’d like and their finish has gotten all chalky and weird. Anything better that fits same holes? Thanks!!
  4. Control plate says H-150 CM ACB. I didn’t see anything confirming M vs N date code - is it scratched in somewhere in the cavity? Thank you!!
  5. Thank you! Is there a consensus of what Pre Plaza Era means? Is it the typical acquisition followed by cost cutting type of deal? I would not have searched this out had it not been for trying out new Heritage H150s at my local store and hearing them ring out like angels of rock… I ramble. Also curious- Is that a veneer top or the maple cap? Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks, y’all! She weighed in at a whopping 10.6 lbs!! It’s a girl!!
  7. I love this sexy beast! What's up with the two screws - tilt control? I think that pickguard needs to be in the storage room, right? Is that a M 1996? Really happy to be here and appreciate any info you can tell me about my new beauty.
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