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  1. Thanks all, it’s much appreciated! Replaced the Benedetto S6 pickup this weekend with a Kent Armstrong 12 pole with a schatten thumb wheels volume & tone. The KA has bit more body to the note that wasn’t there with the S6 which wasn’t as electric and humbucker sounding though the KA is a little more articulate than a regular set-in PAF style probably due to the floating nature and carved top, pickup design etc. The tone knob helps as I can get very articulate to a warm and very full tone by moving the knob down to around 7-8 ish(full on being 10 relatively) The neck on this Sweet 16 is pretty close to perfect for me and it’s been setup perfectly. It’s slim C fast but not quite super 60’s slim like the 1966 ES-125T I traded in value for it. Would love to eventually get either a 575 or 550 with a similar neck profile. We’ll see!
  2. I did have one question for anyone familiar. I'm looking to replace the tailpiece if I can't find an original or at least until I can. I don't plan on selling this anytime soon and it's already been modified so I was going to try out the 6 finger tailpiece. I don't have any issue with replacing strings on it, I've had Bigsby guitars and with a little care and planning it's not too bad so I think I can handle what it can dish out as far as frustration! Should I get the ABM-1501 the short tailpiece which is 3-5.5 inches on the long finger side: ABM 1501 "Finger" Style Tailpiece For Arched Top GuitarsSix individually pivoting string fingers. Each finger has it's own fine tuner at the end. Finger lengths range from 3" to 5.5"- 5.5" overall length, 1.5" bracket depth. This will fit thin or thick body instruments. Thin bodied instruments will require drilling an additional hole to accommodate the strap button on vertical center.2-3/16" bracket width.Two mounting holes 1-3/4" center to center, 5/8" from top of bracket.Strap button hole 1-1/4" from top of bracket.GOLDManufactured in Germany by ABM or the 1500 which: 4 in. to 6.5 in. 6.5 in. overall length 1.5 in. bracket depth. This will fit thin or thick body instruments. Thin bodied instruments will require drilling an additional hole to accommodate the strap button on vertical center. 2-3/16 in. bracket width. Two mounting holes 1-3/4 in. ctr/ctr. 5/8 in. from top of bracket. Strap button hole 1-1/4 in. from top of bracket. Available in Nickel and Gold. I don't have any problem with carefully measuring and drilling as needed. I'll probably us the drill holes already made and drill into the tailpiece to fit those screw positions and the tailpiece output jack as well as needed.
  3. Long time poster on jazzguitar.be but decided to swing around here as I know of a few other forum members who frequent both. So this NGD stems from another duo of NGD's where I purchased two Gibson ES-125T one of which needed an immediate return due to a neck angle from a bad past repair. Although I thought the other 125 had an issue I had several shops including Joe Glaser's shop take a look and there was no play in the neck and just a little bit of lacquer separation at the joint. After thinking on it though I didn't want to slap 12 flatwounds on the thin neck ES-125T and then see an issue down the line as a neck reset can be an involved process so I thought let someone enjoy it with 9's or 10 roundwounds! So as you may know prices on used vintage Gibson's right now can be pretty crazy and I was able to get almost double what I paid for it in trade value at a local shop here in Nashville. I knew I wanted something in the thinner body depth along with a slimmer neck for a sitting with guitar on my leg position. Though I'm very comfortable with the classical position as that was my original entryway into playing guitar. As far as Heritage guitars I can't say I regret selling many instruments but I DO regret selling the Heritage H-550 I had. It was super comfortable and played like a dream along with having a lovely warm voice. At the time though I was less settled and chasing guitars when I should have been a bit more exploratory in other aspects like my amps of choice and my playing skills! After many months not really vibing with the Benedetto tailpiece, it also directly touches the top as well at the apex and also puts pressure on the binding at the foot. I think this guitar was sold in Nashville before I bought it and it had the original tailpiece and also the original pickguard. The post was about 8 months before I bought it on Facebook(I've messaged that seller for any insight on where the parts went). I really wish the seller before it was at Carter's had left it alone. At the price these sell for you could get a lower model Benedetto if your heart really wants one(I understand if you buy a guitar it's yours and you can do what you want though!). Just a bit frustrated because finding the original pickguard and tailpiece is a pretty low possibility. These are some of the photos from Carter Vintage where I bought it.
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