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  1. I have a Full Drive II that I purchased early on. Inside and on the bottom are hand drawn goodies. It did not work when I called mike up and asked him what to do. Over the phone he directed me to snip a wire between two whatchamacallit's and presto it has worked all these years. Those were the days. The pedal, for what I play is grainy and too Gainy. Is Gainy a word? I still have it but try not to use it. Best wishes to Mike on his retirement. y2kc
  2. That is just nasty. Very cool.
  3. That is certainly Deluxe by all standards and a guitar that screams to be played. Very nice. y2kc
  4. It is about as cool as it gets. It is also what Heritage was about back then. That is what a "custom" guitar looks like.
  5. Yikes! - In a good way
  6. Haley is a good person. I have known of her since she was a teen. Her Dad is Harry Reinhart and he plays lead guitar for "Skip Town and the Greyhounds" here in the Chicago area. They are a local band led by my brother Peter. He and Harry have been together for decades. Great blues band. Haley would sit in with the band from time to time and learned from real musicians. Haley's Mom is also a great singer. One last thing , Haley does voice over work and has a role on an animated show on cable. I do believe it is called "F Is for Family" . This is a sharp person. Just my 2 cents y2kc
  7. My everyday home amp right now is a 70's Fender Champ. I have owned it for 25 years and rarely used it. Right now after a full restoration and speaker upgrade, it shines. With just a hint of Keeley Reverb, this little beast is tight and versatile. The secret is the Keeley. Without it, it sounds very Champish. Floppy ,messy and disappointing. With the Keeley and an overdrive pedal, things are good and inspiring.
  8. I am glad that this has come to an end. Making music should not be this hard. Good luck with the search and thanks for the great story. Also watch your back, that girl sounds nuts. y2kc
  9. SRV used some big strings but also tuned down a tad. It is amazing how much tension is removed when tuning down a half step. My son grew up playing with 11's because of Stevie but at the age of 35 he has changed to 10's. His hands are very strong and he is enjoying the change. I hope to bring him along with me this year to psp. RIPSRV, Y2kc
  10. The Bluesboy is the only modern G&l I am interested in. What pick-up did your guitar come with in the neck position, a Seth Lover? I have heard the Bluesboy is a wonderful guitar. Tim Page at Buffalo Bros. designed that with G&L. Good to hear you are digging the Fralin, y2kc
  11. Thanks for the invite. My name is Casey and my handle here is y2kc. I currently am the owner of a "c" series h-140. I have been a collector of pre-bbe G&L's since 1991 and recently have started to focus on early h-140's. If anyone would want to make a trade, I am open. It has taken a little tweeking but I am beginning to understand the Schaller pickups. Leo Fender chose those as well for some of the 1980's G&l's he made. Didn't like them then and don't really like them now. Lurking here has helped me learn a tad about the Heritage guitars. I am not a big fan of modern day Gibson and Heritage fits the bill perfectly. Thanks, y2kc
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