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  1. If "original" and "back in the day" matters, the LP's made in Kalamazoo before Heritage took over were "pearloid". LP's always had not real MOP fret inlays unless it was some special order. But as with most lore, it only matters if it matters to you.
  2. It looks like the plain top is the same price as the highly flamed top. Maybe it's just as hard to find a good-looking plain top as it is a good looking flame top. It does seem most reviews are very complimentary about the luster on the finish of the CC model.
  3. Ok, I am sure this has been beat to death already. I haven't been around for a few years and would like a cut to the chase explanation of what accounts for the extra grand for a core over the standard H-150. Seems most of us already had extolled the virtues of the standard H-150. Great sound, great feel, great looks, great tone.....etc. I'm not questioning the extra cost, just wondering what accounts for the added cost. I have read what I can and watched videos comparing the two, but still could use maybe a couple more words from those here to help me get the picture a little clearer. It seems on looks and basic wood selection, they appear pretty similar. I know there is some pickup differences, but these are mostly subjective choices. What is the extra added build attention that the core gets that the standard model does not. Sorry if this is a dead horse topic, but consider me late to the party on the topic.......Thanks
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