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  1. Welcome Treefrog! Post a picture of your new 140 sometime. Until then, keep your paws working them strings. Horace
  2. Horace

    In with both feet.

    So ? How did the performance go ? Horace
  3. Hello, I've been lurking a lot and posting a little since January. My first guitar was an SG Junior I bought with paper route money in back 1966. I bought a new Gibson Dove in 1971 that was built in Kalamazoo that I still own and play. I've been fortunate to own a few nice electric guitars over the years but sold my last one, a Rickenbacker 380L last year. I went through Gibson sticker shock this winter when I was looking to replace it. I've known about Heritage guitars for years but didn't start considering getting one until this year. This forum has been a great way to learn about these guitars. Thanks to all who participate and to those who keep the forum going ! I ordered a new H-555 about a moth ago and am really looking forward to playing it. Tal
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