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Found 1 result

  1. I work part time in the warehouse of a well known luthier and repair shop. For the past year I have been eyeing this guitar, and this past week I managed to talk the owner out of it. Turns out it was used as a guinea pig for some machining prototypes, and then cast aside and left to sit in the attic of the shop for an undetermined amount of time. By my best sleuthing, it is a 1993 H150. Pretty basic trim level, nothing fancy here, but look at the checking in the finish from all those years in the heat!!! It has a small crack in the neck heel that the head luthier and I are going to address, but it is straight and solid other than that. SO! I'm reaching out to the community here for advice on tracking down EVERYTHING for this guitar. I'd like to make it as OE as possible, but I don't wanna be ridiculous. I'm a professional touring guitarist, and it's gotta be a solid gig machine at the end of the day. I've tried tracking down pics of what it would have looked like in factory trim, and have only found one or two that are like it. Any leads you all have on style/period correctness would be greatly appreciated! Looking for (fill in the blank on anything I miss): tuners, pickguard, pickup rings, switch/rhythm-treble badge, bridge, tailpiece, strap buttons, control cavity covers, knobs CASE!!!! I'd love to find a Heritage-branded case for it. I have a line on at-cost pickups from Seymour-Duncan, so I'll be able to find whatever flavor I like to put in it. Been considering a set of pearly gates, open to suggestions there (and they can always be swapped out!).
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