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Getting a new band up and running, the first installment.



So, the story begins again. After trying so hard to get a band up and running a year or two back, and failing at the last hurdle of finding a singer, over a year on Shaun my bass playing buddy and I have decided to have a go again. Following a really good gig we went to last December to watch English Rockers "Status Quo" (American's might not know them, but they have sold 130million albums) we got motivated to play again.


The first step was putting ads out for fellow musicians, namely a drummer and another guitar player and a vocalist. I felt uneasy about advertising for another guitar player because Pete who played in our last band is a very close friend and a wonderful person who we would love to play with. However, these days he spends six months of the ear at his place in the South of France, which does put a spanner in the works. He would love to get together musically and play, but I am not going to set up a full session just for fun because if I am going to do something, it has to have a point to work for. So, after a week or so we got replies from a few guys who were up to throwing their hats into the ring.


We singles out two guys to start with, one a drummer and a guitar player who has a Rickenbacker, a Telecater, vox valve amp and a PA - He sings so that is a huge plus for us. We do own a PA, but it is nothing special. It could handle a three hundred seater gig, but that's it.


So, last Saturday we invited Terry the drummer to come and have a session with us. When we met, he could have been our last drummer's twin brother, he even had a similar colour kit. Anyway, we got set up, played "Down at the Doctors" by British R&B band Doctor Feelgood (real R&B that is) and I hear you Knocking. Now normally when we audition some one we want an hour with them and then want to discuss it. But after these two songs we knew we had the man for us. We offered him the job there and then and he was as happy to join us as we were to get him. We all sealed the deal with a handshake and now there are three of us. I will post some pictures soon, all being well.


So, this coming Saturday we audition a guitar player, but this time there are three of us making the decision. When our drummer joined he became one of us, there are no ego's in this band, nor will we allow any to come into it, we don't care how good they are. Watch this space!


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Nice to read you're putting the band back together, Mark. Best of luck. Hope it all works out well. Looking forward to this space to read of the journey.


btw, saw Status Quo in late '74 (think it was) here in the states on a bill with Blue Oyster Cult. Fun show!

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