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  1. you might consider "When I Come Home" (Spencer Davis Group) to that list. neat overlooked song, easy to play, vocal harmonies. there are tunes that are way overplayed & "Born To Be Wild" is right up there. around here it's "Mustang Sally" and has been for years. still, it's good to be able to play those at gigs for those times when a rowdy crowds clamors for 'em...
  2. hello, mike, fyi the 555 does appear in the 1989 catalog: http://www.heritageownersclub.com/forums/gallery/image/1272-89-catalog-p-5/
  3. rjsanders

    Hi Ho Silver...

    exciting times, will follow with interest. that synergy thing is really important. enjoy!
  4. welcome, Michelle. i can help you with the make already my mother was about 42 when i started playing guitar. and that was about 42 years ago. be sure to pass it along to the young'uns
  5. howdy, Fernando. not to worry. i've found 5 seems to be the magic number. (except when it's 6. when i relocate & -acquire my old Millie Ltd Ed. )
  6. welcome, Erik. your English is fine so far - not all of us native speakers are ideal models around here i think the countryside around Bastogne is among the most beautiful i've ever seen
  7. still following along w/pleasure. thanks for the ear training link!
  8. thanks, Brent, somethin' to look forward to. (came *this* close to makin' the 1st one)
  9. lucky to have one at all - yours is one of my faves of other members' guits
  10. note signature - "Cathy J. Lamb"
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