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  1. The oldest I've owned is a 91 H140. The next oldest was a 94 Mahogany Eagle. The one I still own is a 09 H575. The oldest I've played is a 84 140 and a 85 140.
  2. So, I did the visit today. It wasn't to drop the guitar off but to feel them out. They came highly recommended from people I very much respect that I either know personally or follow professionally. Today's visit did nothing to dissuade me. Honestly, I don't like music stores. This place? I like! These people take guitars very, very seriously. Heritage dealer, too! I went in and talked to them. They looked over my Tele just to get a feel for where it is now. Played it a little. ...then asked me to play a minute. Asked me what it is I like or don't like. I am playing 8's on my Tele and lo
  3. I'm of the mind that this is always the case. The human has to be competent. ...otherwise the tools of your favorite luthier are rendered useless in incompetent hands. The PLEK is no different. In the right hands, it's an amazing tool. In the wrong hands, it's just another poor setup job.
  4. to visit right now, you have to make an appointment. Safe to assume that this is to control occupancy levels to a bare minimum. May have to wear a mask, too. I'll have one anyway. On the day I drop the guitar off, I don't believe I'll be going inside at all. They'll come out to me and pick up the guitar. I'll report back to you what my entire experience is like: visit, drop-off, pick-up, and quality of their work.
  5. I can't say I feel comfortable with them yet but so far I like them. This is Righteous Guitars in Alpharetta. Of course, the real proof is when the guitar is done. There's a 5 week waitlist so it isn't until early May when I take the guitar in. Before that, not this weekend but next, I am going up there to visit them with my Tele. Have them watch me play. Talk to them about what I am after. Play some of their guitars that have varying setups in the neighborhood of what I am after, and pick one. I was very happy that they were willing to accommodate my process. lol. So far, so good.
  6. I am actually about to have my first PLEK job. It took me years to find a luthier I felt I could trust with my guitars when my normal guy moved. That's sort of the thing. PLEK, like a hand file, is just a tool that's only as helpful as the person using it. I remember when CNC was a bad word. ...until people found out that PRS did it. They'll be doing my Fender and incoming Gibbons first. If they do a good job on those, they'll get their hands on my Heritage H575 and my vintage Gibbons and Gretsch.
  7. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it. I think the old site also started at B. The problem I see is someone may come across one of these rare 'A' H140s and not know what it is only to find on the site that there isn't any account for this year. Could pass up quite a find.
  8. Does the new owners not know about the 'A' serials from 1984 or are they just acting like they don't exist? The pull down, for me, starts with 'B' serials from 1985.
  9. Remains to be seen. They just released the manual so release is near. The initial waiting list I am sure is lengthy. After a few months after release I'd imagine we will start to see stock in retailers that isn't already promised out.
  10. Lol. ...seriously, though, it's all board in the gut shots. Made by the same people that make Darkglass.
  11. Actually, for part of what it does, they use machine learning to develop the models and plug-ins.
  12. lol. I have been nothing short of impressed with what Darkglass/Neural DSP has been doing with hardware and plugins. Waiting very impatiently. I have been watching the development of this for over a year.
  13. Back when I had one, it was cream piping all day for me. Black tolex, wheat grill cloth, and cream piping. Looked so sharp.
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