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  1. It would be sacrilege only if replacing HRWs. Otherwise, replacing any other type with '57 Classics? Sure. P-90s? Absolutely. Maybe even Burstbuckers.
  2. I can relate. I have a 4x12 cab in my basement that's been sitting in the same spot for over twenty five years. It's last gig was in 1988, the year I got married. Hmm. Coincidence, I'm sure.
  3. This shows wisdom and taste. I'm still very grateful that you parted with the Millie that found its way to me. It really brings the best out of me.
  4. Reminds me of a previous Millie you had.
  5. Congrats! May it bring you many years of joy with its sweet tones, and stunning visual delight.
  6. My trusty Dunlop is over twenty five years old. That's a lot of "White Rooms". And it's not just for guitars. Garth Hudson of the Band used a wah with keys on "Up on Cripple Creek" and Miles Davis used one for his trumpet. I finally talked our keyboard guy into trying one out. He likes it.
  7. So many "Classic Sunbursts".
  8. Yes, and splendidly complimented by eleven Classic Sunbursts to make it a real party.
  9. ALSB = Almond Sunburst. ASB = Antique Sunburst. ASB:
  10. So many Teles. So many Strats. I'm just glad my Tele is from back when there only two kinds, the regular Tele and the new-fangled thinline. Simpler times for simpler minds.
  11. Looks like the circle H logo is becoming a collectors' item.
  12. Kudos. I have enough options to navigate on my DC-5. Mesas are truly a playground of sound.
  13. If you have to ask....you can't afford it. ;-)
  14. Well done, my man! Welcome to the cult.
  15. I played a couple 2017's at the factory. I had a wonderful Eagle Classic, but my aging fingers prefer the shorter scale of my 150s. Millie, and 535. The 535 is "close enough for jazz" for my needs and ability.
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