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  1. Yooper

    NAD: Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo

    Kudos. I have enough options to navigate on my DC-5. Mesas are truly a playground of sound.
  2. Yooper

    PSA Rare Champ II

    If you have to ask....you can't afford it. ;-)
  3. Yooper

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Well done, my man! Welcome to the cult.
  4. Yooper

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    I played a couple 2017's at the factory. I had a wonderful Eagle Classic, but my aging fingers prefer the shorter scale of my 150s. Millie, and 535. The 535 is "close enough for jazz" for my needs and ability.
  5. Yooper

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Not an employee. Just a fan. The newer ones I've played are delightful.
  6. Yooper

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    No question, Heritage still makes great guitars. Knowing the old crew that made our pre-Plaza guitars just makes them more special. We are a sentimental lot, after all.
  7. Yooper

    PSA Rare Champ II

    His price has come down a bit. Probably a decent deal to be negotiated. I wonder at what price I'd decide I want a second Champ II... One for stock and one for a 12" speaker rig.
  8. Yooper

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Sweet and Lovely. Welcome to the 535 Party!
  9. I'm not the seller. I would never part with mine. Maybe you've heard some of us sing the praises of this little early '80s Rivera hand-wired tube monster. This is hands down the mightiest Champ of all. 18 watts and 27 lbs of snort and growl. This little brute can hold its own with most drummers. With the master and pull boost for mids it works like three amps in one. Nice cleans. Ample overdrive. And something else altogether with the mid boost. Great with pedals. Grab and go perfection. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/msg/d/fender-champ-11/6776594704.html
  10. Yooper

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    A pre-Plaza Corp. masterpiece. I waited years to get my 2015 gem, and it's everything one could want, or expect, from a versatile sweet sounding guitar.
  11. Yooper

    Neat article on Ren

    When Ren asked me if I would be interested in buying his bass amp, I should have just done it. Regrets. But that's a whole "nother story".
  12. Yooper

    Heritage? You make the call...

    ...And I was wondering why the wall was carpeted...
  13. Yooper

    Gibson vs. Heritage

    Look. Maybe things are fine in Canada, and good for you. I respect a civilized country. I have no personal animosity towards you, or anyone here. The US is under a wave of hate and terrorism this week. Maybe those extremist thugs should be smoking weed instead of spreading their hate? I'm just saying joking about violence doesn't help. That is my only point. Sorry that irks you. Just my dopey opinion. If being anti-violence is a "political opinion", then I'm just a pathetic snowflake. Ain't no time to hate. Back to guitars, please.
  14. Yooper

    Gibson vs. Heritage

    Oh, that was a joke? Ha. Funny. Did you hear the one about Altamont?
  15. Yooper

    Heritage? You make the call...

    It must be a Heritage. Mine has that same chord on it.