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  1. This is one version of capitalism that bums me out.
  2. OK. Fair is fair. My other favorite amp:
  3. I'm still waiting for the blindfold test on various LP/150 weights. What happens after the isolated individual comparisons, if we apply the same test in the context of a band? Who among us can "hear" the differences in an ounce, or even a pound? Or is it all really about aging backs and wish fulfillment? I DO prefer playing my 8.5 lb H150 over the 9.7 lb one. (I tell myself its a P-90 thing.) Even old wheezy Jerry Garcia played his 13.5 lb guitar up to the end. It was the sound he liked. Or maybe that's what did him in?
  4. I think they'd LIKE it if I had heavy boots and layers under a large overcoat. It makes it easier for them to say, "You need to watch your weight".
  5. Bathroom scales are best for simply indicating weight loss or gain. It's that damn scale in the doctor's office that will matter.
  6. Too bad they couldn't find a jazz guy to demo those guitars. And what's with the flashing red numbers?
  7. A crown jewel in the H-150 line.
  8. Wonderful! If you want to really learn how to play the guitar, learn some standards. You don't have to be Joe Pass to make beautiful music.
  9. Dibs on your current 525 when you get your new one.
  10. I was lucky to play Rhoads Scholar's American Eagle. Beautiful sound, even unplugged. I miss him.
  11. A stunning beauty. Congrats on that sweet Kalamazoo masterpiece.
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