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  1. 4 of my 9 electric guitars have P-90s. LP Special, GT H-150, Tele, and Godin archtop.
  2. Thanks, Dan. Those are my bare bones grab and go pedals for jams. The Auto Wah is for Grateful Dead tunes featuring Jerry's Mu-Tron. It works on funky jams too. Intriguing power idea, but I got the tuner used, without the adapter. I like the 6 pedal limit on my board. Occasionally I use a crybaby for Jimi/Cream-y stuff. The chorus and delay combine into a new beast, for swirly spacey stuff that provides extra sustain. Those two ODs are more than enough, with their switchable options, but I also have a TS9, Klone, Timmy, and Boss OD 1 and OD 2 Turbo for variety. No more OD gas for me. Most of my playing during the pandemic has been on my Godin arch-top with a P-90, plugged and unplugged. The Godin Kingpin and H535 with ThroBak ER Customs give some sweet classic and modern jazz tones respectively. I've been learning more old jazz standards, so the simplicity of guitar, cable and amp is still a great option.
  3. I couldn't afford a pedal board, so I put my pedals on a board.
  4. Great looks, great comfort, and great sound. Millies really hit the sweet spot.
  5. As an "artisan aged" guitar player, I have no need for artisan aged guitars. Amps, on the other hand:
  6. It seems Gitfiddler isn't the only one facing a difficult decision. I'm going to cheat a bit on this. I have to say I can't choose a favorite. Each has special sound and qualities that make it a preferred choice for different applications. For Classic Rock the H150 with ThroBak SLE 101s is my favorite. For sheer beauty of sound and looks, the Millie with Fralin Pure PAFs is my favorite: For versatility, my 535 with ThroBak ER Customs is a favorite: However there seems to be one I pick up and play most often, because P-90s.
  7. "Snarkasm" aside, good on ya DB, for the father and son road trip to Parsons Street. And be safe at home, as well as on the road. After all, most accidents happen at home.
  8. "Be safe" is now political? Well, holy shit. How about, "Take care"? Or "Be well"? No more of that partisan propaganda. Better safe than sorry. Dang. That was probably over the line too. I'm amazed at what can upset some people. Good night and good luck. Oops. I think I did it again.
  9. 'Til death do we part. GT is my fave. LP Special, Tele, and Godin Kingpin are my other P-90 delivery systems. I once read humbuckers are for hearing the amp, while P-90s are for hearing the guitar.
  10. Sweet! Although I've yet to hear my P-90 GT sound bad through any amp. Say, the guy in that photo looks vaguely familiar... I believe he had his P-90 GT phase too.
  11. Potted '59's are perfect for higher gain rock 'n' roll. I went for the un-potted A2 sound like this:
  12. The mighty Champ has earned its place at the table. I mean ON the table. Those of us too old to bend over learned this long ago.
  13. Cheaper gear to jam, and social distancing to keep us from jamming. Oh, the bitter irony!
  14. He still likes "Pickin' Parlor". 😄
  15. I know those gold tops with P-90s can be very attention seeking and hard to set down. I've been giving my 535 more love lately, too.
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