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  1. I know those gold tops with P-90s can be very attention seeking and hard to set down. I've been giving my 535 more love lately, too.
  2. Fantastic interview, Todd! I recall Ren welcoming me to the precursor to "Rendal's Guitar Lounge" at the old 225 Parsons building. He called it "Ren's Pickin' Parlor".
  3. A good visual distraction from clams. Another Grateful Dead trick.
  4. I remember liking one of these more than my strat back then. Now I have no strat and am good with my two teles. Ready to flashback to 1970:
  5. Especially cranked though my 5f1 with a 12" speaker. Now all I "need" are a Tele Deluxe with humbuckers and a thinline. But my traditional model and P90s tele really handle anything well.
  6. I can dig it. My cheap Mexican Tele slays after putting P-90s in it.
  7. Wonderful take! You give "A Go GO" an Uberjam feel. That Prospect sings a good Sco tone, too.
  8. If I didn't already have ThroBak SLE101s in my 150, I'd be happy with Seths or Antiquities.
  9. I'm lucky that place is over a thousand miles from me. Congrats. And condolences for the loss of your P-90 machine. Mine gets played more than any other.
  10. These guys are nuts. Spray that slab day-glo lime green with purple stars!
  11. Tubes have both their beauty and their beast sides. I get it, and I have some classic tube delivery systems. 5F1, 5E3, Silverface DR, Mesa DC-5, etc. The CCR Kustom/Les Paul sound worked just fine for me back in the last century. How else could we sound like Credence? My Cube 60 has also performed well enough for many jams since my back went out 7 years ago. And I really enjoy my Mustang III, v2. Gigged with both. And if you just want to hear a pure guitar sound, SS delivers some sweet tone. Joe Pass never needed a 100 watt stack. And hell, yeah, I like chubby gals, and would ride a moped any day. As long as I'm enjoying the ride. Ain't that the point?
  12. Looking like a gallery of Kalamazoo beauties. Who wouldn't love one?
  13. For quite a few years I had an ES-347. It was really good, but now I have an H-535 with ThroBak ER Customs that feels and sounds better for me.
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