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  1. What works for me: Cut the gain, boost the volume. Then stack as desired.
  2. You add flame to that grain with Ronson fluid and a lighter, ala Jimi at Monterey. Not that I would suggest it for that sweet Tele.
  3. "Life may be sweeter for this." Congrats.
  4. Ausgeseichnet! Vielen Dank! Wonderful rendition with Bertolt Brecht's original lyrics, no less. Multi-instrumental and vocalist Gunhild Carling just gained more fans here.
  5. There's a lot out there to like, but first I'd make sure I DON"T like a speaker before replacing it. How is it not working for you? Give it a fair hearing.
  6. You'd either have used earplugs or have tinnitus. He played at ear-splitting LOUD levels indoors.
  7. This is one version of capitalism that bums me out.
  8. OK. Fair is fair. My other favorite amp:
  9. I'm still waiting for the blindfold test on various LP/150 weights. What happens after the isolated individual comparisons, if we apply the same test in the context of a band? Who among us can "hear" the differences in an ounce, or even a pound? Or is it all really about aging backs and wish fulfillment? I DO prefer playing my 8.5 lb H150 over the 9.7 lb one. (I tell myself its a P-90 thing.) Even old wheezy Jerry Garcia played his 13.5 lb guitar up to the end. It was the sound he liked. Or maybe that's what did him in?
  10. "I put 9s' on my 25.5" scale guitars, and 10s' on 24.75 & 25" scale guitars." +1 Lighter strings break more easily, so that would be a benefit for heavier ones. Carlos uses 9.5s.
  11. Yes, that's why we're all here. Welcome to the "addiction support group".
  12. Welcome, Paolo. It took a while for me to learn ASB and ALSB were Antique Sunburst and Almond Sunburst.
  13. Thanks, Steiner. Having married a troll and lived "Down Below" for some time now, i can almost blend in....except if there's PBR and pastys (not the strippers kind) being served. I'd be first in line.
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