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  1. Yooper

    H150 Stop Bar

    Top wrap or no top wrap, Saul Goodman.
  2. Yooper

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Darned if I know. Maybe there's a magic charm in the new "circle H" logo that will popularize both Heritage and Harmony? Think of the potential. More "Half-baked" ideas and "Half-assed" guitars.
  3. Yooper

    H150 Stop Bar

    No wonder we see so many top wraps. This is typical for Heritage because for some reason, they put the tail piece closer to the bridge. Just a quarter inch further back would have helped ameliorate the problem.
  4. Yooper

    Pickups (again)

    Seths are great. ThroBak SLE 101's in my 150 have the sound of Robben Ford's '57 Goldtop from "Soul on Ten".
  5. Yooper

    H-535 wiring and tone shaping

    +1 Best amp notion I ever had was to run mine into a 12" speaker. It's mighty growling 5 watt jammer now.
  6. Yooper


    Sweet as can be. Welcome back to Millie World! Great score! Congrats!
  7. Yooper

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    What a contrast. Eleven Beauties and four Beasts.
  8. Yooper

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    +1 This came along while I was waiting for my 535.
  9. Yooper

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    In this case it's not even a boomer.! Gen X is riding close behind, as the crotchety old coot suggested. Most of these guitars will outlast everyone here, adding our individual imprint to the guitar's history. It's almost like the instrument plays it's owners, one after another. Some of our very own guitars will likely contribute to famous, or just incredibly beautiful, sounds some day. At least for now we can get in our own licks. Play on!
  10. Yooper

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    If their used value stays low, the better the deals for happy new owners. If value goes up, great for us. Either way we're lucky. I'll still take my H-150 over a non-custom shop LP Standard any day, even over many custom shop models. I think our guitars are generally worth more than their monetary value anyway. It's the Heritage. That's the point, right?
  11. Yooper

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    This creaky, old, crotchety boomer has been very happy to finally check out Heritage guitars. Took me long enough. Oooohh, wait... THAT kind of "check out". Well, then. I'd say right after the knees and back, the heavy amps are the first to go. As for our favorite guitars, we'd prefer they be taken from our cold dead hands by eager players. Not being morbid, just saying when there's life there's music. Instead of ranting, "You young whippersnappers will get your turn soon enough; you ain't as young as you used to be either," we wish everyone should be lucky enough to play at least as long as we have. Saul Goodman.
  12. Yooper

    Mesa "Boogie" Fillmore series

    With my Mesa DC-5 and 5:25 Express, ignorance is bliss. They do what I want. I love 'em just the way they are.
  13. Yooper

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    All the best to Bill. While I haven't reeled in many fish since I retired, I landed 4 wonderful Heritage Guitars. My Golden years are gilded with Golden Era classics: A pair of H-150s for P-90 and humbucker expression. My sweet Millie that sings like no other. And my trusty H-535 to round out a perfect set of guitars. Many deep thanks to Bill and crew for their crafting the means to so many joyful times in life.
  14. Yooper

    Heritage Website

    I'm not convinced there's an extra pound of water in my 9.5 lb. v. my 8.5. I found the 9.5 to be too bright with '59s. SLE 101's fixed it. The 8.5 has P-90s and sounds "just exactly perfect" for me. There is no objective "best" sound. It's personal. I can still make the "best guitar" sound like crap. I played a granite guitar (solid rock) that had incredible sustain. Pretty thin though. I'll take any wood over it. I don't know why he made it, but it sustained like crazy. Still waiting for that blindfold test.
  15. Yooper

    Heritage Website

    I'd like to see a blindfold audio test where someone can discern between an 8.5 lb. guitar and a 9.5 lb. guitar. Wonder why there aren't any. Pickups, picks, strings and touch make more of a difference in sound than weight. There's good reason for the preference for lower weight. I get that. I'd rather hold my 8.5 than my 9.5 for long periods. Then again. Jerry Garcia wasn't exactly a svelte fitness enthusiast. His guitar weighed over 13 pounds. Play what you like, and what speaks to/for you.