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  1. Colonial info.

    This one has a Master volume put in after market.Its great for taming it a bit. I use mine with pedals for my dirt, works great iike this. Dont understand why more arent into these amps!But I guess thats a good thing!
  2. Colonial info.

    Meaning ...they can hear me in the next county, loud! Got the new one and it sounds great!
  3. Colonial info.

    Hello, About to buy yet another Colonial, I should just realize that I always need one despite the volume issues at times.Anyway, Ive had 2 that had the Pull bright switch on the Bright volume knob and the current one Im looking at doesnt. any info on when they changed this? I remember it was very bright and didnt use it much.Any info appreciated!
  4. Hello, Ive had a few of these in the past and have stupidly sold them/traded them.I have a larger gig now and am looking for one.I did find one, very clean, but doesn't have the wood front.Anyone know the history, are these later or early models?Did Paul have his hands in them?This one doesn't have the pull bright which my early wood face ones had.Any info appreciated!Thanks!