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  1. I couldn't find anything regarding Tapatalk settings that addresses this. There's no settings for cookies that I'm aware of or could find in the iphone app and I don't get these notifications for other pages that are set up. The app must be signing in to check activity and create notifications, but it's the HOC site that is sending the warning about a new device whenever I start tapatalk on my iphone (whether I open the HOC page or not). If anyone else finds a way to fix this, let me know.
  2. Right. It seems to be happening when I open Tapatalk on phone. I'm not sure how that browser stores cookies. I don't see a setting that controls it.
  3. Same here. However, even when I'm logged in, I get the email that an unidentified device from my location with a firefox browser has logged in. Now the last time, I had opened the site through tapatalk, but that's only loaded on my iPhone.
  4. Or just gain a few pounds. Us muffin tops never have a problem with buckle rash.
  5. Good to have you with us Doug. My first electric was a Heritage Millennium Std Ultra. Thought a the time I'd be playing more jazz stuff, but drifted into classic rock instead. I now have three Heritages on my wall & can't say enough good things about the Company or the product. It can sometimes be hard to find them in stores. Are you near and dealers that stock Heritage? Or, maybe we can point you to some.
  6. Welcome, Chris. You'll soon wonder what took you so long to discover Heritage guitars. I predict there will be more in your future.
  7. I've got two Heritages with HRW pickups. It's a quality sound. Welcome to the HOC. It's a friendly community. We hope you you'll stick around and participate in the discussions.
  8. Glad to have you with us Scramopolis. Hope you stick around. There are a lot of members from Michigan and an annual get-together in Kalamazoo you might want to be part of.
  9. Welcome. An H555 is a great way to start out with Heritage. Post some pics of it when you get a chance. We like pictures.
  10. Welcome Mike. I'm rather counting on having it all figured out by the time I get to 10,000 hours. You're probably a lot better than you admit to. To address your questions: I'm not aware of any particular H535 set up guide. I treat my setups the same as my other Heritage humbucker guitars. Personnally I tend to like warmer tones from my heritages and use GHS Nickle Rockers. They cost a little more, but last quite a bit longer than regular steel strings. I also stick to a 10-46 gage and would want to be sure the nut is cut accomodate heavier strings before I'd Install them. Chances are good that a truss rod adjustment would be required as well. I'm sure you'd get a lot more feedback if you posted the question as a new topic on the Heritage board.
  11. Welcome to the HOC! I'm sure your wish will come true. Heritage guitars have a habit of multiplying
  12. It looks like a Stat to me, but I could be wrong. There were several strat style models in those early years. Yours will be a 1988 model. There's a control cavity cover on the back and a sticker affixed to the inside of it. If you remove it you should see the model, color, and maybe the pickups listed. Welcome to the HOC. That's a fine looking guitar and a great player (as are all Heritages).
  13. That's a beauty, Jack. 157's are some classy looking guitars. I also like the feel and action of the ebony fretboard Heritage uses on that model. Hang on to that one.
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