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  1. myoldfriend

    A 535 3 PIECE

    Well done! Thank you for sharing
  2. myoldfriend

    A 535 3 PIECE

  3. myoldfriend

    A 535 3 PIECE

    I am appalled by your lack of sensitivity Scott. That commercial turned out to be the big break that Koko needed in order to lead a productive life - eventually getting hired by UPS as Michigan's first Wait a second...!
  4. myoldfriend

    What does SM mean?

    Sure is a looker! Any of those controls push/pull for coil splitting?
  5. myoldfriend

    My 535 out in the sun!

    quin·tes·sence /ˌkwinˈtesəns/ noun the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.
  6. myoldfriend

    H-357 Love Frankie Ballard

    Let's keep this rolling: Now listen my friends and don't get me wrong, There's another fiasco, yet to come along. I watched Frankie's tale and started to ball, As he cradled that Heritage and referenced Les Paul! I loves my One-Fifty was all that I said, At the end of the day as I crawled into bed. My wife shrieked and stared as she spun around, Tonight, she continued, you'll sleep with that hound! Weren't long before she left me for some handsome steed An amp and One-Fifty is all that I'll ever need.
  7. myoldfriend

    Heritage Used Market Observation

    Two words will determine market price on everything under the sun, my good Heritage fans: Supply and Demand. One of these is not changing anytime soon as far as I can tell, therefore it's all on the other... IMHO, no amount of supposition, assumption, theorization, speculation, wishing or cerebration will change these hard, cold facts. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. YMMV
  8. myoldfriend

    Best amp ever

    Matchless DC30, cos nobody has 75k laying around for a Dumble!
  9. +1 for the SD 'Greenie' pups! Could not be happier with mine (zebra w/ reversed magnet) in my 11+ lbs VSB. They used to be available on the SD website..
  10. myoldfriend

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    Can't resist..
  11. myoldfriend

    Cryptic sticker model

    Years ago I heard this practice could thwart those with nefarious intent - filing false stolen goods reports, creating counterfeit items, posting the pics in a fake auction/sale. Just a habit now...
  12. myoldfriend

    Cryptic sticker model

    Thanks All, I am smitten. My first set of SD 59's - quite a sweet pairing with the 535.
  13. myoldfriend

    Cryptic sticker model

    Aww shucks! I was hoping for a braz fretboard. Well, suppose she's a keeper nonetheless. Got that shimmery, 3D flame thing goin on To Be Rocked for sure
  14. myoldfriend

    Cryptic sticker model

    Hey All, A little help please with the sticker on an '08 535 Ultra that I picked up recently after she reached out to me over the Interwebs.. I have my suspicions, but does anyone know with any certainty what the "T.B.R." (see image) stands for?
  15. myoldfriend

    Heritage H-158 Millenneum

    V.nice! Enjoy!!