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  1. Would someone be kind enough to post a link to additional info/specs, etc., or at least share what else they might know about these instruments that is not present here? I’ve been through this thread from start to finish several times and still feel like I walked in, in the middle of someone’s conversation. 🤔
  2. So glad to see you’re pleased ADO! Hope you enjoy for years to come...
  3. Mad props to you... and your bassist along with his fancy footwork! Not enough "o"s in smoooth to describe this jam 😉
  4. Nice to hear your liking the mods you chose.. I’ve had mixed results with Al tailpieces; depends on the guitar. Did you keep the same pots & caps?
  5. Very fond of HRW pickups. Also OX4s with A4 mags. So many boutique winders these days. At least many hold their value on the used market, so if one set doesn’t suit, you won’t be out more than a few bucks and your time.. I’ve had good results with a new pair of Jensen caps for adding a little punch to an anemic sounding instrument (Aluminum Foil Paper In Oil Capacitor, .022uF/400VDC) from Angela Instruments. No affiliation, btw. On the other hand, have you already tried lowering/raising pickups/poles?
  6. Supply and demand! Point being I kinda agree with the prevalence of used widgets on the market causing a reduction in the demand for new ones. Does not apply to tires or tacos, btw ymmv. 😀 Not necessarily good news for the folks in widget manufacturing, ya? 🤔
  7. Okay: Memory is the second this to go. Can't remember what the first is...
  8. Twenty five cent tacos?! We were so poor I once had to walk three miles in the snow just to fetch a block of ice! 🤣
  9. Much better deal on Reverb, but with that "tooled leather" tolex I'd say she looks more like a corn queen 🤣 yeehaw!
  10. Still have mine - almost parted with it, but in the end let the Matchless Lighting and Tophat King Royale go... The cleans are as good as you say and with an attenuator there are some sweet edge-of-breakup tones to be had as well.
  11. Hot damn tamale that’s a L👀KER! Enjoy that fine instrument and welcome to the HOC.
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