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  1. Negative. Not even Criss Angel could get that beast past my wife 💀
  2. I dunno, I think PRS makes some SWELL amps, including the Blistertone, the Dallas (iirc, someone here at the HOC had a sweet 4x10 combo), and my personal fav - the HX/DA, which I have loaded with a pair of KT77s. 😎
  3. Q: What do guitar players need to think about when buying amps? A: How am I gonna get this into the house without the wife noticing… 💀
  4. Meh, those MGAs go outta tune more often than the G string on a Lester 👻
  5. What? Has nobody called “dibs” yet, lol. (dibs) 🤣
  6. あなたの演奏を楽しんだ~~共有してくれてありがとう!
  7. Nice! I’ve got the perfect companion cabinet…💚
  8. Had a D123 in a Carr Sportsman - at the risk of driving up the market and with a little tube rolling, it was a ‘match made in heaven!’ Low wattage applications only…
  9. My thoughts as well. Caveat emptor. I reported it to Reverb as misleading product info when I came across the listing not long after it was posted; apparently they did nothing. Seemed like a bit of a stretch at the original asking price of $850 + tax + shipping IIRC. Good luck…
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