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  1. Did you use the same instrument cable at GC? Same cable & amp at home with a different guitar? Are the new neighbors kinda short with green skin and big bug eyes? 👽
  2. Would def be a humbucker equipped instrument for me 😀 YMMV..
  3. Nice collection there... With those 3 you should be able to cover a lot of ground 🙂 Enjoy the 530 - that’s a stunner!
  4. So glad to see you’re pleased ADO! Hope you enjoy for years to come...
  5. Much better deal on Reverb, but with that "tooled leather" tolex I'd say she looks more like a corn queen ? yeehaw!
  6. Still have mine - almost parted with it, but in the end let the Matchless Lighting and Tophat King Royale go... The cleans are as good as you say and with an attenuator there are some sweet edge-of-breakup tones to be had as well.
  7. NPD - new pickup day
  8. myoldfriend

    Down sizing.

    Thanks for sharing, OP. Like many others that your post will resonate with, I too have found downsizing liberating in many ways and "rightsizing" as a (attainable) goal, empowering. A reoccurring theme in life, if you will. One of my fav movies, "Into The Wild" and one song in particular from its soundtrack, Society, are poignent commentary IMHO. Even though they are merely a movie and a song; little more than forms of entertainment. Enjoy the time with your youngster before she leaves the nest
  9. GOOD LAWD! How "people" can compare today's mass-produced-computer-controlled-assembly-line Gibson with the group of artists that create masterpieces like this is beyond me. Of course one has to realized the Golden Eagle above ain't gonna be picked up at SweetWater.com for $599.99, but that's besides the point!
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