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  1. Not to "me too", but... Same here. Had some serious gas for a Collings 360 (and a 290) but after playing both I felt like I was holding an engineered product; precise and to my senses somewhat sterile. Bit of an enigma, because of the superior materials, fit and finish. Don't know if it helps or hurts that I work for a medial device company, but Collings had this "familiarity" that I'm just now connecting the dots with. Heritage instruments that I've played/own have this intangible, organic feeling that just gels with me. Listening to Zep's The Rain Song while replying here... Mmmmmmm. YMMV-Y'all.
  2. Despite his dubious choices in finishes, gotta feel for the cat as he indicates his health is failing. I am diggin' that 355 he posted, elephant ear and all - kinda like the bell bottoms of guitar pickguards (lol)
  3. Ok, this thread is officially “off topic” now 😫
  4. Thanks for the offer D, unfortunately (as we discovered via PM), it's drilled for a Gibbons as well Now I just have to decide if I'd like to part with this one or keep 'er.. The OX4s along with vintage Bumblebees (not Luxe or reissues) are friggin fantastic, which makes it a touch choice. And truth be told, I kinda like the look without a pickguard, save for the screws. Page never played a blue Lester, but honest of goodness Houses Of The Holy album tones here!
  5. Supply and demand! Point being I kinda agree with the prevalence of used widgets on the market causing a reduction in the demand for new ones. Does not apply to tires or tacos, btw ymmv. 😀 Not necessarily good news for the folks in widget manufacturing, ya? 🤔
  6. Thanks for the kind words, All. She’s a ‘16 btw. Wonderful clip there! That Tele-on-steroids vibe really comes through with his playing style (and Fender amp I’m guessing?). Could be YouTube/iPhone but the 535 def sounds a little more woody and organic. With these Throbaks in this guitar there is a really appealing percussive (for lack of a better term) quality in the bridge pos. In the middle I hear this sweet, only slightly nasal and warm tone I’ve been chasing for a few years, but just haven’t been able to achieve. Now if my chops were just a little (read: a lot) better...😉
  7. Thanks! But the zebra was not entirely on purpose. I did see another 535 for sale a while back with double uncovered zebras. This was a used set, purchased as you see them; thought I would try it out with the uncovered bridge and let the tone be my guide. As you might can tell I'm enamoured - found the formula for that semi-hollow bodied tone that's been bouncing around in my head for a while now.
  8. Looks entirely legit to me - here is a pic of the first Heritage I owned (and foolishly, what else, sold):
  9. Don't tell her 'cause I'm in L😍VE! Picked up this minty sweetheart with a generously proportioned neck from an older Gent in Fillmore CA who was about to get hitched. Again. I didn't ask how many this would make, but it was clear it wasn't his first rodeo 😉. He said he was the second owner and that the guitar had no more than a few hours play time. We met face-to-face and when he cracked open the case it was evident that he spoke the truth. Cash on the barrelhead and the deal was done. After a closer inspection at home, you could plainly see that the guitar was as if it had just left the factory. Maybe a small indent or two 1/8th the size of a pinhead. Fretboard as dry as a desert. Sweet scent of vanilla inside the pristine case. Took off the strings, applied a coat of BLO, and stuffed 'er back in the case and the case in the closet. Fast forward over a year later and I pulled her out of purgatory. Replaced the saddles in the locking bridge with Graphtech stringsavers, updated the plastics to my liking, and best of all swapped the 59's (nothing against them) with a set of Throbak Pre-T-301 pups put aside for just this occasion. Three words: Worth. Every. Penny. By the way, if you haven't installed pickups in a semi-hollow yet, a rich and rewarding experience awaits you. NOT. But I digress! And fortunately I did not damage the pristine nitro finish in the process. 🤠 After thinly applying a new coat of BLO and a polish of those virgin(!) frets, I strung up a set of my fav's - Elixir Nanoweb 10's. Tuned up, intonated, plugged in and ... wait for it... Tonevana. More sweet crunch than a fresh bowl of the aptly named Cap'n Crunch cereal. Cr&p, I could have plugged this handsomely appointed beauty into a potato and it would have sounded just as sweet. Just sayin'. And now for the good stuff:
  10. Okay: Memory is the second this to go. Can't remember what the first is...
  11. Twenty five cent tacos?! We were so poor I once had to walk three miles in the snow just to fetch a block of ice! 🤣
  12. Anyone have one for sale? Either H or G style. I’m going over to the Dark Side (cue Darth Vadar’s labored breathing)
  13. Much better deal on Reverb, but with that "tooled leather" tolex I'd say she looks more like a corn queen 🤣 yeehaw!
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