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  1. I remember u own a guitar shop dont ya? Are those ya personal collection? Thats way crazy!! Bring on ya second half plz ....
  2. @Millennium Maestro serious wall of Heritages!!! The first sunburst ? Has gotta craziest flame going on !!!
  3. Will @Millennium Maestro care to show us ? Hehe...
  4. Thats a sick top !! Walnut top? Cool !!
  5. Cool.... yeah i do agree... i remember i did order a guitar and was pretty much standard classic wood package honduras mahogany neck and body with a 1/4 nice flame maple top, looks good !! But it plays clear... so clear that it lacks of depth and the essences of tone... i quickly dismiss it due to the pups it had... changed to a 90s duncan JB it helped abit but it still sound very dead and dull.... till now i have no idea whats wrong with the build and wood package... i sold it eventually.... my stamdard usa made jackson soloist sound way better.... Just a small talk on my experience on a guitar build i had.... till now i wonder could it have been the hardwares like bridge and frets thats giving off such a tone.... else it plays great and is an awesome playing guitar.... With that i also need to confess that i actually try out a H150 lately at my local stores one played abit like what i experienced off on the custom i did... but the other H150 just sound better and has more mojo to it.... i do hope that could just be a one off that Heritage production did (hope i dont sound like am slamming at Heritage here ) ..... Just think custom shop where the guys who select the wood will tap and hear how the instrument will be like be way more consistent on the LP tone....
  6. Yahaha !! Yes ! I did send this pic i saw on instagram to Mike... but without the burst... straight charcoal black if i could get Heritage to do a similar squashed egg kinda quilted top... but Mike advise to go with Michigan Maple.... I am thinking of... the H157 with charcoal black top, natural back finish with ebony pickguard, stainless steel jumbo frets (if it will still sound like what a les paul custom should be) , hardwares that will sound best like a les paul custom should be (no idea what should i go with) Lastly a covered wolftone marshallhead or BKP stormy monday?
  7. Thanks @DetroitBlues... i sort of revisited here on HOC over and over again on the H157... this time really making my mind up for a H157... Mind if you could help few of my questions here... as i would like to discuss here before i take a dive to enquire at Heritage.... I wonder Heritage offers Stainless steel jumbo frets ? And usually a work on a masterbuild would be a one piece honduran body with a scaf joint like neck-headstock? How would i be able on the type of bridge and tailpiece to make it sound and sustain just right like a classic les paul guitar should be ? And the tuners ? Thanks
  8. Howdy... just wonder if there were noticable changes on how Heritage H150/H157 are from the older days till now? Were there more consistency and better tone? Ie fret dress and quality of build we expecting for now?
  9. Haha... thanks alot for the thought... its attractive piece.. i probably go with my H157 dream hope to see pics of the run soon !!
  10. Thanks for reply @DetroitBlues... but dont think it can be converted huh? Is an attractive price point on such a beautiful korina LP guitar.... i still prefer a natural finish haha sorry perhaps i could bug the support at heritage ?
  11. Just wonder if i can transform the P90s to a two regular humbucker type ? Add a tailpiece behind? Korina is a sick wood but not a P90 fan ...
  12. Dear Heritage guitar players... Have recently spoken via email with Mike on a build H157 in charcoal black transparent top... was told Michigan flame maple is more on an affordable side rather than a western maple which brings a couple of hundreds more.... Was wondering has anybody own a Heritage with a 4A or 3A grade michigan maple top? I wonder how does it differ from the western maple top in terms of the flame apperance and does it sound different between these two? Or is the price fetched between these two more about the wood availability and cost of transportation ? Was told masterbuilder Pete farmer will be taking all custom orders... does any of the guys here owns any of his masterpieces?
  13. @DetroitBlues... i spoken few days ago on getting a custom build H157 with charcoal black transparent top and he offered Michigan maple... was a reasonable price point i felt and mentioned it be build by Pete Farmer the masterbuilder from Heritage.... Now i wonder if this or H157 lol....
  14. Thanks Detroitblues... just wonder who can i contact for a piece of it?
  15. Wow.... sorry been off for awhile... just asking if this exclusive run still available for grabs?
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