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  1. I've got a few Orange tube amps as well as there SS Crush 60. It's a great sounding amp. Nice chimey cleans, and the OD keeps up with its bigger brothers.
  2. That amp is badass! I bought one about 2 months ago (before the $299 Stupid Deal of the Day) and it's just a wonderful amp. Way more versatile than I was expecting. Plus, the fact it has Brent Hinds face tattoo on the front and for the control markers is a nice touch.
  3. Thanks guys! I loved my 2 H-150, but couldn't ever seem to bond with the Prospect. The 535 seems to be a more natural fit for me. I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
  4. Picked this up yesterday from Rainbow Music in GR. I sold of my other Heritages a while back (2 H-150's and a Prospect) to fund other guitars. Missed having the real deal. Bonus - there was a dude at Rainbow shredding on a beautiful deep cherry red H-150.
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