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  1. MartyGrass: thanks for sharing the pics. The old guys, as they have been called were truly artists/craftsmen in their trade. I totally get the need for streamlining a product line. My dad always told me that guitars were like women, you needed to dance with them before a sight unseen commitment. With that said who do you all look to as a stocking dealer for Heritage cause it seems my local shop has moved on to lesser options?
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. Im not so worried about the guitars so much as is the company or maybe both. I have 1 heritage and it’s great. Just thought I’d get another and to hear what I heard today caught me by surprise cause they used to say Heritage was better than everyone. I also noticed today that their models of Taylors they stock are on the lower end. I always try to support my local people before buying big box. They carry G&L, Taylor, now Eastman and Furch. Attached is a pic of my Heritage Eagle classic.
  3. I knew I’d get your attention with the subject title. I’m wanting a 530 or something if the like and stopped by a local shop that have been a Heritage dealer for years. Asked if they had any in and said they were purchased and the company is “weird now , kinda squirly “. They said they could still order them but a lot of luthiers left and we’re waiting for the dust to settle. I told them I was interested in a 530 and he says “have you tried an Eastman?” It was a nice guitar but just not what I’m after. Has a finish check or crack at the input jack. Needless to say I left empty handed. So what’s the word?
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