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  1. Nice pick up! I'm still enjoying the 535 I got from you back around turkey day.
  2. Let's just say that my wife has come up with an idea to remodel our house to give me a sound proof "office".
  3. Makes me wonder if the price of amps will increase with the shortage of tubes.
  4. Got it on Monday. Opened it up and tested for about 20 minutes yesterday. Can't wait to really spend quality time this weekend with it. Yesterday was just a tease. So happy it has a master volume mod on it.
  5. Funny you mention this. I just got my new-to-me Heritage colonial. As I was installing the tubes and observing 'made in Russia' I wondered what might be the implication on the pricing given the current events. Yikes!
  6. This has been set in motion. I can't wait.
  7. Brian, your NADs have always impressed me.
  8. Wow, I'm hearing resounding crickets. Any negative feedback? Or criticism at all that I should be aware of?
  9. I'm thinking about picking up a heritage colonial....talk me out of it.
  10. I believe these to be newer models as a few of the plain tops also weighed at 9 lbs. IIRC the videos at launch time specified the weight as well. This seemed to be an important selling point to distinguish itself from the standard model. From their website: The Finest Tonewoods We personally source the highest quality curly maple and ultra-lightweight genuine mahogany to craft the guitar body. Overall, the H-150 weighs less than 8.5 lbs.
  11. I went on Chicago music exchange and noticed they have several custom cores listed at over 8.5 lbs one was even listed at 9 lbs. Now this doesn't particularly bother me, but I was under the impression that they were guaranteed to be 8.5 lbs or less. Is this not the case anymore? I even double checked their website and noticed it specified 8.5 lbs. Are they having trouble securing woods that fit the bill?
  12. I had been eyeballing that 555 for some time. Glad you saved my wallet some weight loss.
  13. I just swung in on the way to the airport. The cc150 is still available. I think Brent's looks absolutely stunning. For some strange reason that dirty lemon didn't speak to me. It felt good in the hands, the light weight of the wood is noticeable, the price is fantastic for a new guitar, but I didn't feel compelled to pick it up. If I had seen Brent's I believe I would have walked away with much more explaining to do with my wife.
  14. Usually the nurses just insist my shirt and shoes stay on. The pants are the first to drop.
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