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  1. I already have one but I get the emails still when more arrive. They usually go quick.
  2. Tim V3 in stock now https://www.humbuckermusic.com/cart
  3. I stared at this one for a while when Bob had originally posted it. Glad it landed with you!
  4. You tease, Brian. Show us the rest of the goods!
  5. I have a circle h guitar. Admittedly, I hate the logo and would much rather have the alternative. That said, the rest of the guitar is an absolute gem. I consider it my best guitar. When I was making the purchasing decision, it kinda reminded me of the gibson vs heritage headstock debate. Do i really care what the headstock looks like? Not all that much. Staying true to that philosophy I took the bait. Glad I did.
  6. I'm still itching for my very own KBP. I would treat it really nicely!
  7. Nice pick up! I'm still enjoying the 535 I got from you back around turkey day.
  8. Funny you mention this. I just got my new-to-me Heritage colonial. As I was installing the tubes and observing 'made in Russia' I wondered what might be the implication on the pricing given the current events. Yikes!
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