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  1. I spent some time the past few weeks at Jay Wolfe's store, and really compared several Heritage guitars - H575 vs Golden Eagle. They were very patient, and have lots of great guitars. I came home with this beautiful guitar yesterday - it had just hit the shop, and I returned there not to play it, but to play others. This one spoke to me. The solid maple back is just incredible. Plays so easily! Sounds so full and beautiful! I truly hope that all of our members enjoy their guitars as much as I am enjoying this baby!
  2. Ok, thank you for the invite. I am a new member, Jeff, and have a brand new, to me , Heritage H575, Mimi Fox edition, and it is beautiful! Plays like a dream. I am 60 - something, have been playing music all my life, but not as a pro. Jazz sax, have played in big bands over the years, jazz piano ( finger issue s on right hand caused me to give it up). Never went to music school, but always wanted to. My heritage is one day old, to me, and I love it! Other guitars are a 1979 Guild D-35 ( still great), Martin OM-28, G&L tele ( cool), and a Comins GCS1 ( marvelous). I play through a Genz
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