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  1. Thanks to everyone for their insights into my wiring harness project. The experience and tips from MartyGrass, PunkKitty and Steiner are very much appreciated. I am taking my time researching the parts for the wiring harness and will tackle it in the months ahead. Here is a link to the Bareknuckle 550K push/pull pots. A few more solder points, but not on the bottom. Something to think about. Is the 550K pot better than the 500K pot? I'm sure Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap would say yes, it's 50 more! Especially when you want to turn it up to 11 on the amp!
  2. Thanks Monica! I always appreciate your advise. I am considering Bareknuckle 550K pull/push pots and will look into the Emerson spec CTS pots and Russian PIO caps. Does anyone have a preference to Audio Taper or Linear Taper pots? Some say there is a sharp jump in volume with Audio Taper and a more gradual increase in volume with the Linear Taper pots. Any thoughts using a .015 cap for the neck pot to minimize the high end tone going to ground and keep it brighter? Thanks again for everyone's advise.
  3. Thanks Rockabilly. The template is courtesy of Frankhond from this forum for his wiring harness installation. Beautiful guitar you have there! Yes, the tone pot from the E-Bay listing seems gimmicky but seems pretty sound in design. You should see the one he has with the Tropical Fish capacitor! Your rangemaster circuit is a good mod. The things we do in search of better tone!
  4. Thanks. Everything is a little easier with the hollow body H-575. A little trickier going through the pickup cutout of the H-555. I've already asked for measurements for the special pots. The wiring harness will be built and soldered outside like in the picture below from another build and then fed into the body cavity to minimize any soldering close to the guitar. Still a work in progress picking the pots and wiring. Advice from others has been helpful!
  5. I am changing the pickups to HRW's in my H-575 and H-555. The 575 has flat wound strings and will be for Jazz. The 555 will be more for Blues. Both are getting a new wiring harness with push/pull pots for coil split. Looking at Bareknuckle 550K push/pull pots for both. Considering a 50's wiring setup to preserve the high end when rolling down the volume. I found someone on E-Bay who making unique tone pots. Here is a link to one of his builds. There are a lot of other mods on his E-Bay site. Please let me know if you have any suggestions and or mods for the wiring harness. Thanks in advance. Pete
  6. At first thought, changing the wiring harness in a hollow body seemed difficult and dangerous, like the old "Operation" game. Since then I've seen numerous YouTube videos demonstrating how to do it and @Frankhond's approach is one of them. It's not easy but doable. It's all in the planning. Looking forward to changing the pickups, wiring harness and installing pus h/pull pots to either split the coils or do a Series/Paralell option in my 2006 H-575.
  7. Thanks for you message and link. Nice to see how you did it and the better quality of sound you achieved by doing it.
  8. Thanks. I appreciate your time.
  9. Thanks again for the info. I looked at the links you sent. Thanks for including so many options for the wiring harness installation. Do you have a preference for one over the other? I will look into it more. Thanks in advance, once again!
  10. Thanks for the detailed instructions! I appreciate your time and advice. I'm definitely going to put in the HRW pickups. Still considering whether or not to do the split coil thing. Figures I might as well do both if I'm going to do the pickup replacement. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again.
  11. I have a 1995 H-575 and will be replacing the old pickups with HRW's. I'm thinking of changing to new push/pull pots to split the coils while I am at it. Will this require a whole new electrical harness to go with the new pots? Anyone done this? Good idea? Bad idea? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Pete
  12. Good morning.  I read your New Toy Day post.  Are you going to sell the HRW pickups and input jack switch?  Please let me know if you do.

    Thank you.  Pete

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    2. Plentine


      Thanks very much.  I appreciate that.  I will not be needing them.  I'm sure there are many who would love to see when you list them for sale.  Best regards.  Pete

    3. PunkKitty


      Okay. Thanks, Pete. I'll list them next week. Kind regards. Monica

    4. Plentine


      Hi Monica.  I noticed your post about getting your old H-575 back.  Congrats!  If you don't put your HRW's in your reclaimed H-575 please let me know.  I just purchased a 1995 H-575 today (pictured below) and will look for some HRW's to put in it.  Besides, with your 3 recent guitar purchases you might need the cash?!🎻💲  Then again, it would be a great addition to your new (old) H-575! 

      Thanks.  Pete

      My 575.JPG

  13. Thanks Vanschoyck. Beautiful guitar! Wish there was one around here to play. It looks like the 575 would be a very good option for jazz. I will watch more YouTube videos to hear more from this guitar.
  14. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to give the H575 some serious consideration.
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