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  1. Good morning.  I read your New Toy Day post.  Are you going to sell the HRW pickups and input jack switch?  Please let me know if you do.

    Thank you.  Pete

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    2. Plentine


      Thanks very much.  I appreciate that.  I will not be needing them.  I'm sure there are many who would love to see when you list them for sale.  Best regards.  Pete

    3. PunkKitty


      Okay. Thanks, Pete. I'll list them next week. Kind regards. Monica

    4. Plentine


      Hi Monica.  I noticed your post about getting your old H-575 back.  Congrats!  If you don't put your HRW's in your reclaimed H-575 please let me know.  I just purchased a 1995 H-575 today (pictured below) and will look for some HRW's to put in it.  Besides, with your 3 recent guitar purchases you might need the cash?!🎻💲  Then again, it would be a great addition to your new (old) H-575! 

      Thanks.  Pete

      My 575.JPG

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