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  1. Thanks rockabilly69! Great info, I really appreciate it. I've checked everything you listed and it passes. LOL Thanks MartyGrass, I feel the same about the extra work more strongly bonding me to the guitar. That's been my experience as well. Thanks to everyone who chimed in, I appreciate all of your replies. After taking the H-530 to my tech (quick plug for an AMAZING luthier, great guitar player, and even better human - Randy Hughes at https://www.hughesguitarsandrepair.com/), the guitar looks like a real keeper. He was able to straighten the neck using the truss rod, and will do some other work to make it mine. Thanks again for your input!
  2. New user, and new (OCD) Heritage owner. TL;DR - I got a strangely (not in a good way) put together H-530 with a bunch of QC issues. Had direct communication with Heritage, they did a warranty repair and setup free of charge (and are really awesome, lovely people). BUT I'm still not sure if I like what I got back and I'm at a loss. Here's my story: I bought an artisan aged H-530 off Reverb. What really kicked this off was an incorrect label inside the guitar. The interior label had SD Seth Lovers written on it. But this was a H-530! So I reached out to Heritage via their online contact form and almost immediately got a response. Heritage said it was QC issue and it most certainly has Lollar P90s. Their super nice rep told me he'd mail me a new, corrected label right away. I was happy! Now I get to playing and immediately notice that the neck pickup cover was slightly cracked from an over-tightened screw. And one of the bridge pickup cover screws was driven at an angle. So out of four front-facing screws, two were noticeably errant. The pickup toggle was incredibly loose, so much so that in the middle position it would audibly vibrate when I played with any real attack. New label arrives and unfortunately it looks like my 4th grader wrote it. Not something I'd be proud to put inside my guitar, and not written by someone who takes any pride in their handwriting. Maybe I'm OCD here, but if aesthetics matter, then they matter. I take a bunch of photos and a video, send it along to the Heritage rep. He gets right back, says he totally agrees with everything, we agree that artisan aged doesn't/shouldn't equal sloppy QC. They ask if I want to send the guitar back and get it all looked at? I say yes, please, thank you! Quick turnaround and I get the guitar back. The pickup toggle is super-tight, feels great (although it is now at a much different angle than any ES style I've ever played, which I'll have to get a little used to or get adjusted). The neck pickup cover and screws all look as they should, no errors or cracks. But there is a new, plastic shim under the cover itself that wasn't there before. I don't see it on any other Heritage that I can find. I believe it's to raise the pickup height, but I don't love how it looks. Again, easy to remove or change. The bridge pickup cover was pretty loose on one side. I was able to easily tighten one of the screws and it tightened up the cover. But I expected everything to really be pretty close to perfect considering it was being QC'd for a 2nd and 3rd time! The output jack is slightly loose. I'm pretty sure this will be a real easy fix but the reason it's loose is because the nut is tightened at an angle. Just was not expecting that. Dropping off this week at my trusted, local repair shop and I'll see what he says. Heritage has amazing customer support. The guitar feels GREAT. I'm still working on getting the sound I want in my current setup, but it sounds amazing already. The QC issues have thrown me a bit though, and I wanted to share my experience. Thanks!
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