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  1. Thanks rockabilly69! Great info, I really appreciate it. I've checked everything you listed and it passes. LOL Thanks MartyGrass, I feel the same about the extra work more strongly bonding me to the guitar. That's been my experience as well. Thanks to everyone who chimed in, I appreciate all of your replies. After taking the H-530 to my tech (quick plug for an AMAZING luthier, great guitar player, and even better human - Randy Hughes at https://www.hughesguitarsandrepair.com/), the guitar looks like a real keeper. He was able to straighten the neck using the
  2. New user, and new (OCD) Heritage owner. TL;DR - I got a strangely (not in a good way) put together H-530 with a bunch of QC issues. Had direct communication with Heritage, they did a warranty repair and setup free of charge (and are really awesome, lovely people). BUT I'm still not sure if I like what I got back and I'm at a loss. Here's my story: I bought an artisan aged H-530 off Reverb. What really kicked this off was an incorrect label inside the guitar. The interior label had SD Seth Lovers written on it. But this was a H-530! So I reached out to Heritage via their on
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