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  1. Batch number 2 of pictures from Maudies garage workshop. The final picture with her name engraved is her personal set of calipers.
  2. Here is the first batch of pictures I took of Maudies workshop in her garage. The file sizes mean I can only put so many per post even with the file size compressed. Also if a moderator needs to move this to another thread thats fine, Im not sure what all the rules are of this forum but figured for now I would keep them in my original thread but are slightly off topic of the original thread title.
  3. As you can see from this box full of unfinished fret boards that was in Maudies workshop this appears to be something she did multiple times. Including what appears to be this gibson banjo fret board.
  4. I’ll have to upload my pictures when I get back but there is an incomplete fret board I found when visiting Maudies workshop that is the exact same pattern as your inlays!
  5. I’ll have to upload pictures when I get back to my house but I just got to visit Maudies workshop. Her son Larry told me that all A code guitars were made for employees or special made for individuals such as family members. So as suggested by some members on the forum I opened the back cover to look at the signatures and sure enough there are signatures. I took some pictures of her workshop and even some left over stock material she had been using. I’ll make sure to upload when I get back and can compress the image size for the forum.
  6. Hello, I just want to say thanks for all the great information. I have passed that information as well as the link to the forum onto the other family members. I was simply doing some research on behalf of my stepmother who was related to Maudie and is the current owner of the original guitar I posted.(These are not my guitars) This one I am attaching is currently in possession of another family member. I have no idea what will happen to these guitars and cannot speak to if they will be kept or sold but simply thought id share the images with you all on this forum. I thought I would share the attached piece as it has a cool top and is again an A code in pretty good shape. It has some more inlay work and a matching pick guard! How cool. Again I appreciate all the information and messages, I will post again if I receive any more information.
  7. I forgot to add that this is one of many guitars that was part of a larger collection. This is just the one that was given to my father and stepmother. Another family member supposedly has the bulk of the guitars and will be sending pictures and trying to evaluate them. I do not know how many there are or if they will be for sale. All I know is this one is now a part of our immediate family and the other guitars are yet to be gone through.
  8. Hello, my immediate family has recently taken possession of a heritage guitar after the passing of a family member. The family members name was Maudie Moore and she did inlay work for Gibson, Martin, and Heritage in kalamazoo. We still live in kalamazoo and it has come to my attention heritage still operates in kalamazoo so I may go to them for more information. I was looking for more information about this guitar as I could not find any information for any A code serial numbers. As she did inlay it has quite a bit of inlay in the headstock and fret board. Im just looking for any information about it as I can find and stumbled upon this forum. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
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