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  1. 2 hours ago, ElChoad said:

    I would look at Sweetwater, or other online dealers. If they have the guitars in stock, you can pick the exact guitar you want from the options. And they have a great return policy. For the same price, I would look and find the top you want. Better to have a choice. If you aren't happy, return it. Just my opinion. 

    Sweetwater’s my go to place for new gear.  The customer service is second to none. 

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  2. But there is something special and or different about the custom core H150s.

    I just sold a beautiful 2020 Standard that played awesome, it sounded awesome, but the custom core just played a little better and sounded just a little better.

    why? What was the secret ingredient in the custom cores to make them that much better?


    Feel free to discuss… LOL…

  3. 1 hour ago, PunkKitty said:

    The Orange Drop caps could also be improved to Mojo PIO or something similar. Even Epiphone uses orange drops. Again, when I'm paying for a premium guitar, I expect premium parts. And I agree that the pickguard should be real wood. 

    I didn’t realize that orange drop caps we’re not a somewhat premium part? I thought they were average or above average but I guess I was wrong. LOL

  4. 5 minutes ago, bolero said:

    Brent, were the nuts/threads on the string posts stripped? Or are you talking about the wood screws holding the tuners into the back of the headstock?


    Strange as I have found Grovers to be good quality in the past. Although who knows where they are getting made these days

    Its the string post screws....actually I think the biggest problem is that the tuners are not the right depth for the headstock.   There's not enough thread to grab and tighten.  My locking grovers worked perfectly.

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  5. Made a few small mods to it last night.  The Heritage tuners were crap and did not tighten down to the headstock very well. (2 of the 6 were stripped out) I’m a fan of locking tuners anyway.  

    The 225 pickups were good, but I had a set of double cream THROBAK ER customs that I thought would be a good match for this guitar…I was right, they sound FABULOUS!!!

    Also, I went with a traditional pick guard, poker chip and truss rod cover.   

    …and a HRW switch tip as a little tip of the hat to the “good ol days” of Heritage.  





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