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    I'm interested in just about everything. LOVE guitar talk and would one day love to build my own guitars... sadly no one to apprentice me :-(
  1. thanks I assumed they were SD because of the screw set up and such (not sure if that always works but so far its been good), forgot to check under them however when I changed the strings. I wish I could of taken better pics of it the partial flame is awesome but my 3DS takes some weird "3d" pics and my cell is well crappy lol. Thanks a lot, already looking into getting a new heritage just don't know what and whether or not to go custom, we'll see in the future lol. tpm
  2. reminds me of that gibson zoot suit sg... except way better. (and another one thats yours... wtf hahaha)
  3. Its like everything I look at is yours :-P. Is everything you have so eye catching :-P
  4. looks like you bought all that guys guitars geez :-P i was just going to say the hottest color I've seen so far tpm
  5. Interesting well hers some pics of it, sorry for the crap shots I only own a cell phone camera now gotta love when someone doesn't tell you they broke it and waits for the surprise I like the light flame on the top. tpm
  6. I've always been partial to semi-hollows but seriously this one rivals all my others no doubt and it was like an immediate connection, not something I experienced with my 335 (which I sold) or my 339 (went the same way as the 335). Ill post some pics up after I get home from vacation, I would of brought it with me but I don't trust air planes hahaha. Has anyone ever owned a prospect classic? I know like nothing about this model besides that its awesome hahaha, anyway to tell pickups?
  7. Hey my names jon, or whatever you wanna call me, and recently I came in contact with something I've never felt before... my other half . I was all and and but I had no money and that really sucked... thankfully I found a way to get it anyways and now I own an 04 heritage prospect classic and couldn't be happier . Gonna try and add some pictures somewhere down the line but this thing is straight up love . Now I just got to figure out what to get rid of to get that precious bill money back :-P hahaha. tpm
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