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  1. HI Ron, if you want to part with any of those, just let me know. thanks for the reply

  2. HI DC Ron, not familiar with the roller bridge and microtuners. are the microtuners on the tail piece.  I was looking for an older one where the actual rollers are gold. Some of the new ones I have seen use silver rollers against the told.

    curious to know about the microtuners. as long as the pitted one is functional, it is all good. Thanks for the reply. Let me know if you want to part with any/all and what you are looking to get. I see you still have that amazing Midi EAGLE> what a great guitar


  3. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    Pristine condition and born a day before my twin boys .....
  4. RhoadsScholar

    RhoadsScholar Album

    The Guitars of RhoadsScholar
  5. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    Picked up this 25 year young Heritage in one of my favorite colors (don't miss my les paul custom a bit)
  6. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    Playing my American Eagle for a Christmas Show. Love everything about this guitar.
  7. RhoadsScholar

    '11 H157

    From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    This is my unoffical RhoadsScholar Signature edition H157 (2011) Great axe. Named "The Day After"...

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2013)

  8. Wow what a great color combo in a 150 light weight. I bet it sings.
  9. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    A Black Non-cutaway Golden Eagle (Rhythm Eagle?) Abalone Inlays, a Black Beauty

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2012)

  10. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    This is a Blueburst 555 w/ HRWs, push / pull pots. Great flame and plays like a dream.

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2012)

  11. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    Golden Eagle Headstock, non-cutaway, black finish with abalone Inlays..

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2012)

  12. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    Custom built DC137 with headstock/neck binding, custom inlayed heritage logo and fralin noiseless P90 pickups. YEA BABY

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2012)

  13. A friend once told me. "Listen To Everything" "Believe Nothing" "Test Everything" Words to live by.
  14. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    1st Second Generation 170 Custom Built with KBP810 Reverb Deluxe (Money Shot) Brian's KPB810 Reverb Deluxe built with 2 10"" rajun cajun's in laquered tweed with my H=170 chambered 2nd Generation. A match made in heaven

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2011)

  15. From the album: RhoadsScholar Album

    1992 custom built amazing guitar. This one is not for everyone, but everyone can appreciate it. This was one of several unique Heritages ordered by a NY studio musician. It was one of his working guitars. Starting at the top: Imperial tuners. MOP The Heritage inlay with the "proper" orientation so it can be read while the guitar is being played, not just when it's in a stand. The neck is 5 layers of maple and mahogany. The nut width is 1 11/16th" by my measurement with a scale length of 25.5". The board is ebony. The neck is straight and there is little fret wear. The action is low. No fre

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

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