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New pickups in my 20th Anniversary H150

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I never thought that anything could sound better in my 20th Anniversary H150 than the stock Duncan Antiquities.  

They are Mad House Design pickups.  I bought these pickups from a guy on the gear page.  He bought them before things started going south for his operation.  Around 2008-2009, I guess these pickups were all the rage around My Les Paul Forum...another boutique winder with “the next best thing “.  

I read some threads on other forums from around 2012, people saying they had ordered pickups and never received them, etc.  Eventually fell off the face of the earth.  

This set had never been installed.   Alnico II mags.  Neck, 7.3.   Bridge, 9.5.    I would put these up against Throbaks any day.  Very articulate.   Very warm and thick!   




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Sounds great Brent!  I still love my Tom Short humbuckers and P-90's.  That's another guy I wish was still in business.

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