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  1. People could just play the living crap out of their guitars, and they will age all by themselves. After 20 years of gigging in Phoenix, my Heritage guitars are all aged very well, especially "Blackie" and my goldtop. Just play and sweat. It will get to the right place. rooster.
  2. I've got 4 Heritage guitars, 3 are H-150s and 1 is a H-170 with a "B" serial number, and a cracked/repaired headstock joint. They all play and sound great, and none of them sound like each other, even though they have the same (Bill, Becky, and Shannon Lawrence) pickups. Those pickups put the sound of the wood out front, not the sound of the wire. Perfect for Heritage guitars, the best LPs ever. In my opinion. rooster.
  3. For what this is worth, I use the first amp I ever built as my living room practice amp. The biggest difference between this one and all the others I built is that this one uses (2) JJ 6V6GTs in the power output section at about 400V running in parallel class A. If you built something with say, an older Gibbons front end, like on the BR-6, you could end up with a nice, warm amp, putting out about 8-10 watts, and your "cleanliness" of the output power would depend a lot on the output transformer used. I believe mine is a Hammond 125SE, but I could be wrong. I'll have to look at it today, as I h
  4. They never should have stopped making the H-170. My first Heritage, and it is quite the guitar. rooster.
  5. If you're near Phoenix, I could check it out for you as well.

  6. If you're near Phoenix, I could check it out for you as well.

  7. If you're near Phoenix, I could check it out for you as well.

  8. Another Phoenician! How cool. Hope to run into you here in the blast furnace! rooster.
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