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  1. Spectacular fretboard. Very nice overall. Congratulations.
  2. I ended up going with a '98 H-150 - looking forward to NGD! I will update here on the feel and sound. Thanks for all the info!
  3. You guys are right - really open-ended topic and hard to answer definitively, but I still appreciate the input, and glad I asked the questions. I thought CM meant chambered. The variety of neck carves is more complicated than I thought. I still have a lot to learn!
  4. I have my eye on three H-150s from '95-'15 I was wondering if there are opinions on this year-range selection. I'm thinking $2200 or less. I don't mind the CM models and I prefer a burst but not necessary if everything else is right about the instrument. I'll even take Schaller pups and hdwe. and lost pickguard etc. Looking for a player. I already own a '99 H-555 and host of other Fender, Gib, etc. but need a LP to round out the fleet. Thanks in advance for input.
  5. In my OP I promised the back story for Blue Beauty. I am a salesman and I have a customer who I call on regularly, but she doesn't buy much - if anything. Earlier this year a colleague and I were discussing her business and he mentioned that she had a "room full" of guitars and amps, and that she was trying to sell it all. I had a friend and his brother that were both in the market for some good quality instruments to add to their collection so I told them, not thinking that I could afford anything at the moment. When they reported back they had bought a Suhr and a Satriani Ibanez - both soli
  6. OK, just got blue beauty back from a thorough clean and polish, so here are some marginal smartphone pics. I will update my gallery. - geoff
  7. OK - here's the serial. Still no pics yet - this morning I took her directly to my luthier Dale Fortune, and he will be working his magic. Not a burst - Super flamey Translucent Blue (pickguard too) - gold trim. I bought the instrument from the mother-in-law of a guy who passed away last year. She was making sure his collection go into loving hands. I am certainly in love. Couldn't wait to get home and post this. Its a '99. P28808 Geoff
  8. Hi Folks, my name is Geoff Robinson and I have been playing for about 45 years, 25 or so of those years in a semi-professional capacity At 13, I got my first decent electric, a.'67 Gretsch Corvette single pickup (wish I still had it) and not surprisingly my collection has grown since. I suppose I am posting this a bit prematurely, but I am about to take delivery of an H-555 trans blue in mint condition - either late '99 or early 2000, not sure, have no serial yet. Its a long story, and I hope to share once I have the guitar in my hands and pictures to post. This instrument will be my f
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