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  1. It sounds unbelievable acoustically, but that was to be expected, what was not expected was the sound of the pickup in combination with these woods. Running Thomastik Swing 13’s, it is the best sound I have come across on anything I have ever played, that includes Gibbons L5 variants, byrdlands, George benson Ibanez, guilds etc The guitar looks and plays incredible except for one issue which I will need to get fixed. The neck is perfectly straight all the way along except for the very end of the fingerboard near the pickup, from the 18 fret the fingerboard has an interesting bow
  2. The guitar has arrived and its spectacular
  3. Thank you so much MartyGrass, what fabulous information. this was exactly the information I was looking for, it has helped me a lot. such a great, friendly and knowledgeable group. awesome
  4. Thank you so much MartyGrass, what helpful and detailed information. I just learned a bunch. such knowledgeable people here thanks again
  5. Thanks Skydog, appreciate it, do you happen to know if it is it unusual to have no black colour behind the headstock, and to have a gold pickup? I Haven't yet seen any other photos without a black headstock rear.
  6. HI Guys I have just purchased this guitar, it is my first serious Archtop. I have been scouring the images of Johnny Smiths and this one seems a little different. It has two controls on the pickguard, Gold Pickup, Not Black on the back of the headstock. has tap'd written inside. I don't have the guitar yet it is on its way to me but was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Any help greatly appreciated.
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