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  1. Well folks, I heard back from Wayne County Parks and Rec today and learned that the pavilion I had in mind at the Waterford Bend is already booked for every weekend from now until the end of summer.....as is every other one of the pavilions in the Hines Park System. I also reached out to a few other venues in the area which included a few banquet halls and the Northville Winery but was unable to find any availabilities. Im officially handing this one off to anyone else who wants to try and get something going. I hope you all are doing well. All the best, Matt Jay
  2. Looks like we just might have ourselves a party shapin' up. I've reached out to the Wayne County Parks and Rec Dept. about availability, hopefully, we'll have answer within the next day or so. Stay tuned.
  3. So I see that yet another PSP has been cancelled. It got me wondering if there'd be enough Heritage fans here in SE Michigan to warrant hosting a similar non Heritage/HOC sanctioned get together? It'd be fun to get to something together that mainly focuses on just hanging out, bbq-ing and jamming. I live near a potentially solid location called 'Waterford Bend Park" it's a nice park within Wayne County's expansive Hines Park System, the park it's self is located in Northville (Michigan) at 6 mile and Northville Rd. I frequent this park often and have often thought it'd be a
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