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  1. when I bought the guitar I knew nothing about heritage guitars(and still don't know!) I bought it because I couldn't afford a Gibbons les paul so any adjective slung in front really meant nothing to me. I wanted a les paul and got one of his cousins instead one of the pickups has a little sticker that says "patent applied for" the other pickup does not have this? I'll get a picture and post it
  2. well darn it, I was lied to by the p.o. then! I was told it was a deluxe? oh well, since I don't know jack that's what I get. I didn't pay a bunch for it so it makes no difference to me if it's a deluxe or not. It plays great, looks cool and feels awesome, but, heavy as all get out, 9lbs+ on my scale. it has no belly cut either thanks for the info southerncanuck
  3. Interestingly my H150 has a J and 5 digits only. The label on the control cavity cover has written "H150 CM VSB" no extra numbers? The switch cover has no label. The guitar has a maple pick guard with a bound maple veneer head stock?
  4. thanks for the feedback I ordered a complete kit to replace the schaller set up I'll do a little experiment; 1. swap the bridge, keep the original tailpiece 2. swap the tailpiece, keep the roller bridge 3. swap everything see what happens?
  5. I don't know about the serial numbers, could you elaborate?
  6. My H150 CM Deluxe has maple pick guard and maple head stock veneer
  7. anybody swapped there schaller tailpiece but left the roller bridge? hows it working if so? ... or is it better to swap the whole schaller stuff out for a traditional Gibbons type set up? I just rediscovered top wrapping and would like to the same to my H150 m
  8. the p90's can sound incredible with a little fiddlin' about, but those wolfetone's look to fill the bill
  9. originally philly, now living in montana
  10. I'm not a jazz guitarist by any means, a Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special w/ 1- 12" is a beautiful super clean tube amp that you can select 5, 10 or 30 watt.
  11. i'm chuck aka motoputz, i like making motorcycles, making them run and playing my heritage 1993 - H150 and a new to me 2020 - H535 nothing sweeter than the sound of an electric guitar and a fine running motorcycle
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